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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Holidays for pooches, paint courses,and other Tuesday ramblings

Good Morning World

Have a look at this...a friend of mine put this on facebook this morning.

I was mesmerised..sat watching all the videos on my phone,

with my coffee, sitting in my bed.

Hence a late start...worth it though,

as it will give you goosepimples,

or goosebumps as you say in the US.

I also received this email from some other friends.
It might be of interest to all you dog lovers out there.

Oh! I how I still miss my gorgous Honey,
who we lost many, many, years ago

Anna is an old school friend of mine and there are 6 of us who meet up and take it in turns to cook dinner. We have been doing it for many years and have seen each other though some interesting times, as you can imagine.

So, suffice it to say,
I have known Anna for more years than I care to remember.

No,No, I dont mean that in a derogatory way.
I mean, I feel extremely old when
I remember how many years it's been.

If you live in Sussex, have a pooch,
wonder what you should do
when you are off to holiday in Barbados...

(ooohhh I should be so lucky)
and want to give your little canine friend
a good holiday also....

These are the guys to contact

One of the new businesses we started this year was 101 Friends in Sussex (a dog caring franchise), we didn’t expect much from the business this year and have tended to remain focused on Worthing although we purchased the larger franchise that covers an area from Bognor Regis in the west to Pevensey Bay in the east.

But things have taken off quicker than we thought and as dog owners we put a lot of care into finding the right match – and get great reviews from owners as a result. The following link shows the latest review we’ve received and having met all our carers and a number of dog owners as well we can offer a personal service.

Mike and Anna

101Friends for Every Dog in Sussex

Tel: 01903 232822

With 101 Friends you can leave your dogs with carers knowing they are safe and happy

Doesn’t your dog deserve to be spoilt now and again? Visit

Look out for some of our bamboo tables in
House & Garden
magazine later in the year.

They have gone off to the photo shoot this morning.
Yes, I just about got them finished.

Nass and Russell
(Nass Interiors)

are delivering them safely even as we speak.

We have a few ventures up our sleeve at the moment.
I am cutting back on the nights...
an extremely long and tedious story,
it's time.. overdue.
So, I am starting the furniture
paint courses in my studio at the bottom of the garden.
Right by the river.
I have been asked if I would do weekend courses,
hey! I would do them at night,
having worked 7 years on nights,
my body is geared up to it.
So here is a little bit of what we will be doing.
Introductory offer
£95 per day to include veggie lunch and glass vino.
( Did I ever brag,
I was once vegetarian chef at
West Dean College?)
let me know if you have anything connected
to our lovely area that you would like
given a mention.
As for me....
I have 2 chests of drawers to get working on.
One for that rather splendid store in London.
oopss there I go again dropping, tee hee

Have a great day.