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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hot days in Arundel

Oh my word it is hot.

Gorgeous.... and it brings everywhere to life.
Puts a smile on everyone's face.

We went out to dinner  
  on Friday night,
 with friends, 
to the
Swan at Fittleworth, 
which is about 15 minutes drive from Arundel.

I went there once years ago, 
and we pass it regularly,
 but I haven't been inside
 for a long time.

It's now rather gorgeous.
It would have been a 
coaching inn 
in days gone by and has a 
few centuries of history behind it.
The place has been renovated and looks very

.....trying to think how it looks...
yes, sophisticated is
 how you might describe it.

Decor, food, all very 
sophisticated and lovely.

(Actually,the food was absolutely stunning) 

The Swan..Fittleworth

 & here's their facebook page

Arundel was 
busy yesterday, 
in spite of there being hoards 
of people 
coming into the town,
 it still had a nice, gentle,relaxed, feeling.




I think as it was so very hot , folks were not looking
 around the shops but taking to very much more leisurely pursuits.

People were strolling and sitting under trees, having picnics.

I had a walk up into Arundel park.
I am trying to do 3 miles a day.
Most days I succeed, but if I get stuck into painting 
a piece of furniture before I go, and think Ill go later, it very often doesn't happen.
I should always get out first thing in the morning and not get sidetracked.

Anyway,all along the way, there were people sitting in shady  corners, 
or walking under the leafy areas protected from the sun. 

We watch these parents nurture a new brood each year.

I walked along to Swanbourne Lake and up into the park 
coming down past the Hiorne Tower

and along London Road,back into town

boats on Swanbourne lake

the far end of Swanbourne Lake

If you don't know Arundel that well,
when you visit, 
have a stroll around and look in the quirky little corners.

 This used to be the old police station.
It's now a private residence and belongs to a house called
"Evening Hall"

( for our overseas readers,
English policemen,
more so in days gone by,
when they had the time to do so,
would walk the beat and were usually heard to say,
"Evening All"
as they passed)

Arundel residents DO generally, have a quirky sense of humour,
though as everywhere,
there are some, I believe, or so I've heard,
with no sense of humour at all!

 This is the town hall that is mainly used now for weddings.

Nass and I were married here 11 years ago, and it was quite a do.

 It was a real local event.

The girls from the Eagle pub ran the bar.

Disco Den sat in the judges seat 
and played the music.

Trish, a great friend and 
the local hairdresser,
 renowned for being charmingly scatty,
 has the voice of an angel 
and sang in St Nicholas Church alongside 
Lorinda, another dear friend,
(who was once the mayor)
who also has the most beautiful voice.

Their rendition of,
" Ave Maria"
had the wedding guests, 
weeping in the aisles.

People stopped us in the street for months, actually years, 
and told us it was the best wedding 
they had ever been to.

We also have a small cinema 
in what was the old court house

 I am desperate to go and see this film, but they have sold out.

( Monday 28th......little update to this...I left my number..they called me to say they had 2 tickets as someone had double booked.)
Marvellous ...

They used to serve tea and coffee in the interval,(now its a glass or two of wine)
while they were changing reels,

 It's all very civilised!

As I came down the High Street, 
I thought what a continental
 feel the town has.

We now have a huge selection 
of restaurants for such a small town.

This is a great antique print and maps shop.

They have some fascinating pieces

 We have several,wonderful individual shops.

Antiquities is the antique shop 
in Tarrant Street.

Vintage Maison in Tarrant Street.

Ill Lusso is a great little 
clothes shop down Tarrant Street.

I am keeping a close eye on this 
fairly new to the town,
 rather gorgeous shop,
 as my son,
 Jay, is getting married in Virginia
 later in the year,
and it's to be a vintage wedding.

If you want to check out more about Arundel here's the link

I stopped off at Larkin's to get some groceries for lunch,
and went home to finish a chests of drawers.

Arundel being the great place it is,
one or two people told me to bring
 leaflets to their shop,
or posters for their window,
to let people know about my forthcoming 
painting/decorating workshops.
Nice of them.
Here's the studio down by the river.

Have a great day.

Looks like another gorgeous one here again today.