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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Old Friends & Brighton Childhoods, & Ardingly Antique Fair looming

lunch in the garden

The other day
 I had lunch with my
 lovely aunt,
 in her garden 
in Brighton.

Only thing is, 
she is not just my aunt,
she is my oldest friend.

My Mum, bless her
waited 17 years for a sister.
My Nan kept producing sons,
albeit lovely sons,
whom she still adored,
but she was so desperate 
for a little sister.

By the time the sister 
came along, 
Mum was almost engaged 
and leaving home.

So, my aunt and I were 
nearer in age and somewhere
 along the line,
 probably when I
 was in my teens, 
we became the best of friends.
Oh to be 17 again!

Prior to that, 
I have snatched recollections
 of her feeding me "rainbow drops" 
(remember those?)
and teaching us kids to make toffee apples 
in our kitchen in Woodingdean, in Brighton.

Once I was grown up, 
and I use the term loosely,(ha ha) 
we were great buddies, 
and saw each other 
through some pretty catastrophic, 
but equally, euphoric times, as well.

This is the work my exceedingly 
clever aunty does.

In the 1960's she trained at 
Brighton Art College
and later worked for grandad, 
her father, 
who was a well known 
furniture restorer in Brighton.

She does the most beautiful
hand painted work.
Chinoiserie is one her of specialities, 
which I wouldn't even attempt.
chinoiserie on a 19th century bamboo table

this was a Victorian Bamboo 
table aunty Barb painted for me.

Neither of us are keen
 on the idea of hunting, 
so the fox has definitely 
escaped on our table, 
hiding down on the bottom shelf.

Noah's Ark on a 19th century chest

If you ever want a hand painted chest
or other piece,
do let me know.
She could be yer gal.

Anyway, back to lunch......

We try to meet up on
special family anniversaries. 

The cat escaping from the new puppy in the house

We visit the cemetery in
and go for a
 walk to chat and remember all those
dear to us that are no longer around.

No really,
it's never maudlin.
We laugh hysterically at some of the old family tales.

Shed a small tear occasionally.

Hug each other and 
vow to meet more often.

Biddy and Flossy our walking companions.

looking down over Brighton

My visits to Brighton 
always make me feel nostalgic ...
childhood memories come flooding back.

When I was 13, I was in love 
with a 17 year old mod from up the road.

In secret, I used to stand 
on the lav and gaze misty eyed
 out the of the bathroom window 
to watch him drive up and down the 
road on his silver lambretta.

Oh! the ecstasy when I jumped off the school bus one day,
 in the middle of a bitterly cold winter and there he was.

I was in my Convent Girl school uniform,
he on his lambretta wearing his parka.

"Can I borrow your scarf, its freezing on here?"

Oh joy...I could barely contain myself.

Just as the scarf was in place,
wound neatly around the neck
of my dreamboat,
from across the road,
screamed my mother's dulcet tones.

"Get that scarf off yer greasy neck"

Oh the mortification of it all!

 I blushed, he blushed,  then he quickly rode off on his scooter and I
stood in the middle of the road gazing misty eyed after him.

Unrequited teenage lurve.

ha ha.

Memories are great sometimes
aren't they?

Sunday I know, 
but on with the Victorian bamboo.
We have Ardingly Antique Fair next month

If you get on the fair site 
you can download a pdf
 of the entire years dates.

Come and say "Hello"
if you visit the fair.

cant sit here chatting, 
much as I'd love to
have a great day