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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ardingly Antiques Fair in July & a photographic stroll around Arundel

Good Morning

Ardingly Antiques Fair
coming along fast.

It is on
Tuesday 17th
Wednesday 18th July

we are on Shopping arcade 79

Come and say "hello" if you are there.

 If you have never been and love interiors, antiques, 
vintage or quite frankly, just rummaging amongst pure junk.

This is the place to be. 

Antique dealers and hoarders paradise.
 Its a great day out...even in the rain, which it seems to frequently do.

 Don't be tempted to go, just on the 2nd day,
unless wild horses have kept you away from the first day..or "Dealers Day".

I always thought it meant you had to prove you were trade to get in on that day.
You don't.

2nd day?
Half the price. yes.....
Half the dealers
Half the stalls,
Half the stock,
Half the fun

Many of the overseas dealers leave after the first day,
as do UK dealers who have travelled a distance.
Or if the weather is bad.

 On the 2nd day anyway, most stallholders are packing up by lunchtime.

As well as rummaging, if you like to take photos, it's a great source of material.

 You often see loads of people you know.
I ran into Julia, a friend of mine from my grown up night job...

Hope to see you there.


Do you know Arundel?

It's the most beautiful town in the South of England.

I thought you might like a photographic tour

 We have hillsides,
 beautiful and quaint old buildings, 
some built so long ago, they were constructed by Napoleonic prisoners of war.

have you seen my house? LOL

I should be paid by Arundel's tourist board ha ha

Beautiful town hey?

oh oh
the husband's beady eyes on me,
he quite clearly thinks I spend all day on the computer, ha ha
.......when I tell him I am working on Victorian Bamboo

 better get on with the work stacked up in front of me.........

Have a great day
whatever you are doing.