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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Arundel and the celebrations for the Queens Jubilee

Celebrations of the Queens jubilee

I had a little wander around the town before picking up my chums,
 Allie and Adrian, to return for our celebrations on the riverbank here in Arundel.
We couldn't have a street party down our road so we had a riverbank get together.

I had a little wander around the town.......................

outside the Kings Arms Arundel

Casual outfit Ma'am

Tarrant Street was 
there is a gorgeous little flower shop down Tarrant Street...they came out on the pavement

here is the website address

Tarrant Street was buzzing
Bands along Tarrant Street

At the entrance to " Arundel's got Talent"

people came out on the streets

the street cleaners were working hard

there were people having a street party in the town square

Everyone was in the party not quite..ha ha

there were some who still had to do their job..not very popular as you can imagine

and back to my friends on the riverbank

Happy Annivesary Ma'am