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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Celebrity Antique Roadtrip comes to Arundel Eccentrics



What an exciting day

We had a great afternoon with the film crew and stars
from Celebrity Antique Roadtrip.
After initial nervousness, Nass and I both relaxed into
it and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Thankfully, they were
able to look beyond the scruffy exterior.

I put some of my decoupage pieces
 outside, as the camera followed the celebs up the drive.

( drive...ha ha.... that sounds extremely  grand,
which, as you can see, we really are most definately not)

But...we DID have a lengthy discussion
on camera about my decoupage work,
so I am ever hopeful,
at least SOME of that
 footage will appear. 

The celebrity, was Alison Steadman, the actress.
Recently in Gavin and Stacey as Gav's  wonderful Mum.

She was quite delightful and said she had loved
coming to Arundel and would like to visit again.

In fact, even showed some interest in
coming on one of my decoupage courses,
which would be lovely.

Thomas, the antique expert, was a great guy.
Nass found he knew him already.

the classic car they travel in, is a bit like a Noddy car.

They bought from us, which was great.

I only hope they make money on the piece,
 as its for
Children in Need.

The auction takes place in Eastbourne on Saturday.

They must have thought they had gone to the
back of beyond coming down to us.

They drove straight past us
 and I ran down the road after them,
waving the arms around
like and idiot.

...........not much leg room in there

 Bye Bye............

and its off to the next town.

The funniest thing,
we only found out afterwards,
 that the other team in the programme,
Larry Lamb
his antiques expert,
were at the same time,
 filming at our  dear friends
warehouse over in Chichester.

Thanks for visiting us

Hope your day is going well