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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Decorating Furniture workshops, cursed English Weather & Skyping loved ones.

Good Morning.

Well, further to our lovely 
workshop day on Sunday.

This was the story yesterday.

You might be forgiven for thinking this was our pond...its the flooded garden...

 and here is our studio...completely flooded.

The good old English weather and, dear reader
 yes, I am shouting this......

"fed up" of Arundel


Yes, you read that correctly.
Well, we wont be needing those for a while, will we?

Now the interesting thing is,
after calling the water board and explaining this happened once
 before and it appeared to be something to do
with drainage and a gate of some sort
last time....
et voila

after only a few hours
and without pumping the water ourselves...
well, I wouldn't know how to.
It's all just drained away, leaving the debris

So... any ideas?
Answers on a postcard......................

I was in the process of sorting 
out dates for our workshops, 
but I will clearly need to 
hold fire until we can clear
the studio.

If you would like to do a workshop 
do let me know.
We will hopefully be clear very soon.

Here are a few more details 
on each individual course.
It will give you a better 
idea of how much we 
can accomplish on each day.

We could run two together 
over a weekend if you would like.
Gather a couple of friends 
and make a weekend of it.

Yesterday was my almost 
daughter - in -laws birthday.
She and our son, Jay, live in the Laguna  Hills.

Sad to say, I haven't 
managed to see them,for a while,
 and haven't even seen their new house.
I so should have been born rich.

Isn't that where  Skype is so great?
Makes people seem a little nearer hey?

these were pictures Krista and Jay sent ..."Skype Fun" they were called

This Saturday coming  is the
Farmers Market in Arundel and
don't forget the wonderful Car boot down at Ford

Weeks flying by arent they?

Have a great day
whatever you are doing.