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Thursday, 14 June 2012

English Seaside towns, English Victorian Bamboo and the Arundel Eccentrics Blob

Yesterday afternoon, 
I had to go to Worthing, 
which is just a little way
along the coast from Arundel.

Many years ago, I used to live there.

I had to take someone to the dentist,
long story,
but afterwards,
 I needed to clear my head
 and have a brisk walk, 
so set off along the promenade.

 For our overseas readers, 
there is something about 
English seaside towns.

They have a style 
all of their own.
Before everyone 
went abroad for 
their holidays, 
 say,in the 1950's and 60's
these were the towns 
people flocked to.

They were renowned for
 things like,
fish and chips wrapped
 in newspaper,
hats with
"Kiss me Quick"
written on them.

If you ignore things 
like the cars,
the mobile phones,
and the odd quirky, attire,
it could be any era.

I took  some shots in black and white,
and it looked like I had stepped back in time.....

Its a great place to have a brisk walk and blow any cobwebs away................

these shelters are echoes from an Edwardian era

Worthing pier was opened
12th April 1862

The Dome Cinema was built
 in the early 1900's

It featured in a film, 
a few years ago called
" Wish You Were here"
about the life of 
Cynthia Payne
a well known
 owner of brothels
and holder of some 
pretty wild parties,
back in the day.

Most of the film was shot around Worthing seafront.

fishing on the pier

 I came back to get on with
 my Victorian bamboo bookcase
and chest of drawers.

 put the finishing touches to a bamboo cabinet and a couple of tables.............

and try to clear up
 after our flooding....

had a cup of tea with a
local friend, who is so
not into computers.

She referred to my blog as
which I thought was a great 
name for it.

it shall be called
"The Arundel Eccentrics Blob"

Have a great day.