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Monday, 18 June 2012

Il Lusso Tarrant Street, the swan and her babies, and latest chests of drawers

Another Monday.
Where do the weeks go?
The sun is shining today here in Arundel.

Don't you find
when you live in a town
it's very easy to just rush
 past the lovely, little,local quirky shops
to go about your daily business,
and only go in when you need a gift for someone?

One such shop here in Arundel  is
Il Lusso in Tarrant Street. ( no.4)

I recently bought a lovely
little bag here, to send to the US
for a birthday present.

Leila who runs it, has some gorgeous things.
I was so glad I took the time to have a browse.

She has a rack of these wonderful air freshener/cleansers.
The smells are absolutely DIVINE.

She would explain to you how they work.
Here are the oils you put in.........

 and these are the lamps...some would work in a contemporary setting
some in traditional

Both are stunning.

I'm telling you... these smell out of this world.

Along at the river the
 swans have produced their babies
after what seems weeks
 and weeks of mum 
sitting on her nest.

you can just see one peeping out.

Sad to say, a woman who
 lives nearby, told me last year,
the brood was attacked 
by youths throwing stones at them.
I could have wept when she told me.
What's wrong with some people??

Went down to the
 to photograph
a few things to put on the website.

This is all the work we do.
Painting and decoupage work on 
19th century pieces.

You will find us at the next 
Ardingly antique fair
should you want to see us.

Here is a little more about us

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors 
Share a showroom in a 
19th century brewery building in Arundel.

An aladins cave full of 
antique and decorative items for the home,
 that can be viewed by appointment. 

Nass (a founder member of Harmony Trading)
 offers a courier service for the overseas buyer. 
He will take them
 to interesting and sometimes, 
very little known venues, 
to source their antiques. 

Nass Interiors also 
collect and deliver antiques 
throughout the south of England. 

Arundel Eccentrics 
restore and decorate 
19th century English Bamboo 
and Victorian Chests of drawers. 

These pieces can regularly be seen,
 gracing some very smart 
US and UK stores
 and interiors magazines. 
Arundel Eccentrics 
also run workshops
 for painting and decorating 
on antique and vintage furniture. 

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors
 can frequently be seen at 
Ardingly Antique Fairs 

For all updates 
check out the website
and blogs

Have a great day.
Hope the sun is shining for you.