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Monday, 11 June 2012

Painting & decoupage workshops, the Great British Summer & other stuff

Good Morning and welcome to 
The Great British Summer

yes, this is the view out of our back and front window this morning.

.......and yes, just for a change, its pouring down.

flower painting collection

I have been admiring Nass's 
amazing collection of flower paintings,
that he has displayed in the studio.

They look gorgeous all together.

He collects them from all over the place 
and now has about 30.

Sadly, when he has a buyer, 
he will be selling the entire collection,
lock, stock and barrel.

(The only one that will never be sold, 
is the far right, underneath the daffs.
This was one of my granddad's paintings,
 that he painted for me, shortly before he died.
Clever man, my grandfather)

I'll be sorry to see them go, 
but as Nass says,
it's the air fare to go to our 
Jay's wedding in Virginia.
Ever positive hey?


We had our first workshop yesterday.

Three friends joined 
to enjoy a day in our
Riverside Studio.

They were great company and I think I enjoyed it as much as they did.

In fact,when we ran way over time 
and they felt they should go, 
I was so enjoying it, 
I wanted them to stay longer.

They were introduced to the 
delights of decoupage after 
learning to paint and distress.

The day went in a flash.
We stopped at lunchtime for 
the veggie munch 
I had prepared earlier in the day.

Spinach Roulade with a mushroom and 
Emmanthal filling, on a bed of rocket.
When I was vegetarian chef at West Dean College, a few years back, I had to make each of these for about 20-30 people. 
They were a devil to roll up in one piece.
Ratatouille with fresh herbs 
from the garden
New Potatoes
Green salad
Glass of wine 
for those who wanted and were not driving.
(No friends, I didn't partake, as I thought I would talk more than usual and go off on a tangent..yes, yes,even more than normal)
Strawberries and Greek yogourt.
(As a little aside, 
the best Greek yogourt in my world, 
at the moment, 
comes from, of all places, Lidl.
Its in a huge, white tub and is glorious
....and no, Lidle's are not paying me, 
though maybe they should. ha ha)

by the time the three of them left, I felt I had made three new friends.

I am at present working on dates and how much 
we can learn in a day or weekend, without overloading people.

So, if you would like to learn any or all of these skills;
painting, distressing, crackle glaze, 
craquelure, decoupage, gilding and finishing a piece of furniture to be proud of.

email me

Rain or shine
have a wonderful Monday.
a Very
Happy Birthday to both 
Krista & Fay