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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Queenie celebrations and my gilt cabinet in House & Gardens magazine

Good Morning.

Or maybe we should be saying, 
in our best posh English voice


ha ha

Its warm and dry and lets hope that's how it stays, 
for all the festivities over the weekend.

For our overseas readers you might, 
or might not know,
 that it's our Queens 60th year as monarch
 and there are HUGE celebrations throughout the country.

There will be carnivals and street parties
 and all sorts going on.

Throughout the UK will be hundreds of street parties
 with neighbours & friends
 gathering together and having a party in the street. 

(Hence hoping the weather stays dry)

In our street we cannot block the road, 
but just as exciting I think, 
we are having a riverbank party, 
as our homes lead onto the River Arun here in Arundel.

I can't wait to get my camera out.

I managed to finish painting the cabinet 
for my friend Linda at Sorbet handbag shop, 
in Tarrant Street, Arundel, late last night.

She left very late,  
naturally wanting the shop looking perfect 
for its opening today at 10 am..
ooohhh 2 minutes time I see.

Go and have a look if you are in town.

I gather there will be loads on,
 throughout the town, all day long.

Bands playing and all sorts.

Well, I wont yabber too much this morning, 
I would rather get out and capture the 
goings on on my trusty camera.

So watch this space tomorrow....


I do need to have a minor brag.

I'm not going to say anything, 
I will just let the pictures speak for themselves and ask..

"Recognise anything?"

This is the supplement in this months 
House & Garden

The cabinet was bought by the owners 
from Liberty in London.

Oh! alright then
 maybe I might have to say something, tee hee, 
and bask in an exceedingly small brag.

"Yes, it is one of mine."

Exciting hey?

Have a wonderful day.
and enjoy the Queenie Celebrations.