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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Vintage Garden Company, a beautiful walk, my love for Gary Barlow & other ramblings.

Antiques, Interiors,Gardens and other stuff

Nass and I recently found the most fabulous 
vintage garden place near our Arundel home.

Wonderful setting,
delightful people,
and some great pieces.

Sally and her husband, 

The Vintage Garden Company

from their home in a lovely rural setting,
near Pulborough.

Here is a little about them taken from
 their website ( thanks Sally)
 & some photographs of
 a few of the wonderful 
vintage and antique pieces they sell. 

antique garden reclamation
Our courtyard shop sells
everything from architectural antique garden urns to handmade,
vintage flowerpots. 
The perfect place to come and browse vintage and antique bird baths, sundials, statuary and other vintage garden reclamation. 
We also stock traditional garden items made by local craftsmen including iron obelisks and cloches.
You can find us at a few shows in 2012. Please see our EVENTS page.
We are approximately 6 miles from Petworth and 7 miles from Arundel.
1 Priory Cottages, London Road, Hardham, Nr Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1LD.
We are situated on the A29, 1.5 miles south of The Corn Store before the railway
ridge at Coldwaltham.

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We are happy to provide no obligation quotes for delivery either in the UK or abroad. Local delivery is free.
Telephone; 07828 814522
We are open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
9.30am until 3.30pm
We are always looking for new stock so please contact us if you have items to sell.
We are always happy to source items for you.

I had a great 7 mile walk yesterday afternoon.

I didn't put the results of my " map my walk" on Facebook for all to see, 
as it was playing up and read almost 200 miles..not bad for 2 hours hey?

Last time it did that, I had only done 2 miles and people were congratulating
 me for weeks on my 112 mile walk in one day.

I felt a tad embarrassed by all the attention..ha ha

the babies in Mill Road are certainly growing fast
and draw a great deal of attention

I wandered down to Swanbourne lake...ha ha I mean, 
I power walked down to Swanbourne Lake and 
went over the hills coming down through the park by the Hiorne Tower.

at this point I thought the heavens were about to open but I was lucky and the rain held off

It's just beautiful up there.

One friend calls it the place that feeds her soul.

You can look down over Amberley and South Stoke

The Hiorne Tower

This has been called a folly.
Called it that myself,
but its actually more interesting than that.

Castle and Hiorne Tower


Wow! did you watch the concert last night, for the
Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Sorry, Nass, I really do think I love
Gary Barlow.

I wept my way through the making of the beautiful song
Gary and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote.


For our overseas friends who may not have
seen the programme about the song,
and also the concert.
you can catch it on BBC player.
The song itself on You Tube.


My U.S
 daughter in law to be
Krista, and her friends,
will absolutely love the whole royalty aspect.

There were some wonderful people performing.
I thought it was brilliant.

There are a few street parties booked for today.
Alas, I suspect they are going to 
be called off as its absolutely

As for me I am off on my daily walk, to dream of Gary....

Nah only joking Nass.
I had better get on with bamboo furnture.
There's a bit of a backlog.

Have a great day.