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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Working on furniture in the sunshine, garden solitude and New York daydreams

good morning.

yaaay another sunny one.
I didn't leave the house at all yesterday,
 as I was busy working on 
19th century bamboo
in the sunshine.
I dare not waste a day of warm weather,
 as everything dries so much faster,
 and I have a large order to fulfill.

My house....the one that I managed 
to de-clutter ready 
for the paint courses,
is now full up 
with half finished
bamboo tables
bamboo bookcases 
& bamboo cabinets.

I am in the process of 
sorting out dates for the next batch of 
painting antique furniture courses.
They will go up on  the blog as soon as I can see the wood for the trees. ha ha

It was so lovely to just spend the day outside.
It's peaceful where we live, down by the river in Arundel.
There are birds nesting in the tree,
 next to where I work, who sing to me all day.

I had a little play with my macro lens during a well earned break.
this honeysuckle must be about 8 years old and its the first year its flowered.
It looks stunning all rambling over our little blue shed,

my assistant... Bella

swan planter...which is for sale by the way

reflections in the pond


rusty birdbath


ladybird on the origano

this little guy was given to us very many years ago
by our dear friend Ali, who came to stay from New York.
Memories are everywhere aren't they?

We are hoping to go to New York
prior to our Jay's wedding.
The only time we went together
before was one Christmas.
It was BITTER.
How do you New Yorkers cope?

Nass couldn't stand the cold.
He grumbled rather a lot!

This time it will be September, 
so hopefully he wont grumble. LOL
I am so looking forward to it. 

I loved staying with Jay in New York,
when he first went there to work for
Ecko Unltd.
( which is were he met his wife to be, by the way)

He had the smallest apartment,
but it was only a short walk from Time Square.

I was completely broke at the time,
and just walked everywhere.

My lovely Jay used to buy me
things for sandwiches
and everyday I would make a packed
 lunch and head out and walk all day.

Sit in Central Park and watch the
skaters, runners, walkers go by.

Uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, Harlem................ I went everywhere.

I didn't have a cell phone, or mobile as we say here,
and sometimes it was past dark before I arrived back.

Jay was often in a state as he knew I used to go off everywhere, and was the very worried son.

Jay, Krista and New York Ice Cream

I tell you what though...when you visit NYC without money,
as a tourist, it's great.
It completely takes the pressure off.
You really don't feel you have to
" Shop til you drop"
You cant!

This was one of the loveliest places Jay and Krista took me too.
Tea and Sympathy.
It's run by a family from Manchester, in England.

jay and krista at tea and sympathy

Find them here

In the West Village at
108 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10011

between 12th & 13th Street
opposite the entrance to
Jane Street

We are open:
Mon - Fri from 11.30am - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun from 9.30am - 10.30pm

The store, Carry on Tea & Sympathy
Daily from 11.00am - 10.30pm

It's all fraightfully English.

You can get a roast dinner or a high tea.

New Yorkers love it.
Ex-pats love it.
They have queues along the road.
Worth the wait though.

I once booked a surprise birthday celebration for Jay here.
July 4th.
What a great day to have a birthday in the US.
Organised it all by email.
21st century is wondrous hey?

They even baked a cake.
Though they said they would draw the line against singing
"Happy Birthday" ha ha.

what a fabulous place hey?

Can't sit here all day, nattering and daydreaming. ha ha 

Have the most wonderful day