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Friday, 20 July 2012

Arundel , Holiday Homes for pooches, canine grooming and other chat.

Good Morning from Arundel.

Hurray, the sun is out.
For how long?

Home Sweet Home... mental note to self......must get those windows cleaned

Who knows.

Farmers Market in Arundel this Saturday,
and the 
Arundel Festival
is looming.
It's at the end of August and
 is a great time to visit
our lovely town......

and no, I am not being paid by
Arundel Tourist Board.
ha ha

HMMMMM, now there's a thought

Children have now broken up for the summer holidays.
Lets hope we get some better weather, otherwise we 
will be seeing some extremely fraught parents.

Holidays for pooches

If you are a dog owner and live in this part of Sussex,
you might be interested to know
of an alternative to putting your dog
in kennels while you jet
 off to your holidays in

Some old friends of mine, in Worthing,
 run a dog boarding enterprise.

They have foster parents on their books, who will 
take your pooch into their home and love
him almost as much as you do,
while you sun yourself on that beach,
safe in the knowledge 
your canine chum is also
having a lovely time.

Called K9 Carers
Anna and Mikes website link below

Canine grooming

Actually, while we are on the subject another mate,
runs a mobile dog clipping 
and general canine beautifying
 and  caring and walking service.
Or to put it more professionally,

Professional Dog Groomer & Pet Carer at Street Pups

She is in Crawley but I know she travels around,
so it's certainly worth contacting her
to see if she is in your area.

I know for sure what a patient, caring, gal she is, 
as she worked at the 
residential home
adolescents with challenging behaviour
alongside me.
 Although, she was there for well over 10 years.
Me? Only 7
And survived with her sense of humour still intact. ha ha

You need some patience and grit
to do that I can tell you . LOL
I still do the occasional shift,
 but am now very busy 
with my own business.

So saying,
this really isn't getting the work done,
sitting here in my kitchen.

by the way...look out for this butterflies chest in Liberty's, very soon

Have a great day

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