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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Olympic Torch in Arundel..Ardingly Antiques Fair and the HUGE benefits of red wine

Ardingly Antiques Fair today

 get the wellies out


This is a very quick post
 at silly o'clock.

I have been working on all
 this stuff and more, for
Ardingly Antiques Fair tomorrow,
 actually now today.

gilt on a 19th century bamboo table with dragonflies decoupage

and after an extremely manic few days..... 
I went over to my chum Allie and had a couple glasses red wine.
Well, of course, it's renowned for lowering the blood pressure LOL
so purely medicinal, you understand.

I have been decoupaging like a thing possessed.
Allie came to help me last night and I think I might just be about there for the fair.
I still have some orders to fulfil, but, hey, tomorrow is another day.

By the way,
she was telling me about doing on line
paint workshops.
What do you think?
email me if you are interested.

I did a workshop yesterday as well 
so the studio looks as if a bomb has hit.

 we had a great day though
gorgeous group of people...we had such fun 

Dashed out today,
 for an hour,
 in the torrential rain to
see the
Olympic Torch Relay
go through Arundel

OMG it poured and poured with rain...............

 here it comes......

mon Dieu our weather is awful isnt it??

Penny just ahead of the torch

This was Arundel High was heaving with very damp crowds

and then the Olympic Relay was gone......................

I  am sitting with the blind cat Bella on my lap.
it's just coming into her 19th her, hardly surprising she is blind

still manages to check her emails though ha ha

quick bowl of soup

yeah yeah
I know its way after 7pm
the right time to eat

 and then
varnish the last table

after that


no actually today
Ardingly Antique Fair.

Ate you coming?
Go on...its fun
Even in the rain, its fun.

We are in Shopping Arcade 79
and have the lovely
 Russell on duty,
 so do come and see us,
he is rather charming,
though don't ever tell him,
I told you that.

have a great day.



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