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Saturday, 14 July 2012

One Summer in Ballymena & grey Sussex days but wonderful friends

Hello world.

Oh dear..yet another grey day here in Arundel.

We have the Olympic Torch travelling
 through the town on Monday,
lets hope we have a half decent day, weather wise.

Now,The JOYS of discovering 

long forgotten photos.

Recently, I updated my 
printer and scanner,
so I now have a wireless one.

That in itself was wonderful
...easily scanning in,
 without pixilation all
 those old family 
photos and shoebox treasures,
 which had been gathering dust 
under the bed or in the loft.

Sending them out to
family and friends to 
whom they all mean something
 and receiving, 
(mostly, ha ha,)
 joyous responses.

This week I updated my old negative scanner.

Many years ago I was studying photography,
at Northbrook College in Worthing.

(Crikey, I was a mature student even then!)

Bill Philip was my tutor,
and he and his wife Linda,
became great friends.

He lives in Arundel also 
and doesn't teach these days but
sells all his fabulous photos,
 to great international acclaim.

Bill is often on the Arundel Gallery Trail during Arundel's festival.
Go and see his work, its awesome.

Sorry, I  digress

Many of the pictures I took
 all those years ago, 
remained in negative form
 as I always meant to
 print them off myself.

Never quite go around it.

The joy of sifting through 
the boxes and files
 and putting the images through the 
negative scanner is wonderful.

Bit of a tearjerker as well.
People long since gone from your life,
one way or another and missed,
including the younger self, of course. LOL 

One Summer in Ballymena

 Very many years, my life was going a 
wee bit pear shaped and some friends,
 who were from Ballymena in Northern Ireland,
offered me the use of their house, 
in the gorgeous, coastal village of  Cushendall.

Jay was around 11.
We had such adventures.

Northern Ireland still had tanks on street corners 
and you had to be careful about parking your car.
There were some, who were highly suspicious
 of an English numberplate.

All rather different to life in Sussex.

The people, though, were so very welcoming 
and made our stay

Conor, my friend's son
 who stayed with us, 
and Kitty her mum,
showed us around .

she took me to Dublin, where here son, an actor,
had started his career, and showed me all the theatres he had worked in.
I gather he is rather big in Hollywood these days LOL

The Giants Causeway

  The trip was a lifesaver.
I don't remember how long we stayed.
It felt like one of those long, childhood summers where each day just ran into the next.

One day we went to the Giants Causeway.
It's a phenomenal, beautiful place. 

My lovely son Jay....ha ha
Now a successful menswear designer in California

 The boys we travelled around with, Conor, his cousins and friends, had such fun..

have a squint at these rocks...between the two you will see something
that looks like its straight come out of an Indiana Jones film...a rope bridge joining the two

 The boys all wanted to go across and Kitty, on the far right, said "Ive got a skirt on I can't go, you've got trousers......."
Her voiced kind of tailed off ........she was right  that someone need to go with them.
"Hells Bells" I thought, or words to that effect LOL
  As I looked down at those swirling waters,
 I'd like to say the adrenaline kicked in, but ......
I was absolutely TERRIFIED.

.........and of course....then I had to come back again.

I only did it the once ha ha


mist over the sea just outside Cushendall

Fond memories of
  Great days...
     beautiful place....
        the most lovely people...

Not just a piece of  21st  century technology , that negative scanner, now, is it?
Its a whole lot more....................

Dinner at the Bay Tree in Tarrant Street

I had a manic day working
 on the Victorian Bamboo 
and chests of drawers to take to 
Ardingly Antiques Fair on Tuesday

Asked my chum Allie to give me a hand.
Wonderful friends.
Having worked like a trojan she said she didn't want anything for it.
Bless her.

We will have a day out soon in Lewes and I'll treat her to lunch at Bills...
the most fab place

Allie was showing me something her daughter had decoupaged to wear to some do..brilliant hey?
Not just antique furniture you can decorate with decoupage

I had dinner with an old friend at the Bay Tree in Tarrant Street last night.
We have so many lovely restaurants in Arundel its hard to choose where to go.....

            So we thought, as we have dinner together every
few months we might slowly work around them all.....

   have a great day
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