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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rainy Days, Petworth, Ardingly Antique Fair & those days in Friends of the Earth

Good Morning/ Afternoon/Evening
Depending on what neck of the woods you are in.
It's always so interesting to see on the stats, which country  readers are from.

Well, I don't know what your weather has been like.
My Nass is in Iran at the moment and its 46 degrees.

46...Mon Dieu! I just can't imagine what that must be like.

This is a sample of the grey days we have been having here in Sussex, 
just recently, but the sun is shining this morning
and I must dash out soon for my walk, while it stays that way.

Hiorne Tower in Arundel Park on Tuesday.

Grey, Grey, Grey...

Ive been really busy finishing Victorian Bamboo
 for customers and Ardingly Antique Fair next week.

Here is some of the bamboo I restore and decorate, heading out of my front door.
Shell and fish images go well in the US particularly by the ocean, of course.

The images are all Victorian so it lends a certain amount of authenticity to the finished piece.

This piece, which is gilt and butterflies decoupage, has just been craquelured.

Yesterday, I had an enforced break as I had to take a friend to Petworth
and then wait around for a couple of hours.
Petworth is a small town about 25 minutes away from Arundel.
It's quite delightful..

This flower shop is gorgeous and when The Goodwood Revival
is on they have vintage hats for sale inside, as well as their lovely plants and flowers

The town is a great place for interiors, antiques and foodies!

They have the most DIVINE bread in here.
I found they will even sell you half a loaf.

Antique shops around every corner.
The US trade love it here.

I happened to glance up and spot this wonderful roof garden.
I had never noticed it before.

I heard more than one visitor proclaim,
" What a beautiful town!"

I had a coffee in this little deli...Oh ok and a currant scone, but don't tell the diet police.

While in there I noticed they had loads of
olive oils and balsamic vinegars you could buy "loose",
they will put it into your own bottle or you can buy one of theirs.

I had a sample of the strawberry balsamic...heavenly...would be great on ice cream

Saw these in the
Hungry Guest

This took me back to my
"Friends of the Earth" days.

I was a really staunch member...sorry Friends, 
just don't get the time these days.
Anyway, we used to buy huge sacks
 of beans, grains, etc etc 
from Infinity Foods in Brighton.

(Also loads of natural beauty products
in this funny little shop
in Kensington Gardens,
that had just quietly opened
and was run by Anita, the owner,
in her pinny.

Now, what was it called?
Oh yes.....
The Body Shop

You COULDN'T buy any of this stuff
 in an ordinary supermarket back in the day,
so we set up our own co-operative
 and used to divvy it all out at meetings.
Ha ha amazing looking back

Actually, I remember thinking at the time, 
not with the grub,
but with the issues we were working on,
head & brick wall!

Cycle Paths?
Free Range products more widely available?

Yes, they were merely possibilities.

You had to travel miles to buy a free range egg and to be cooked one in a restaurant was unheard of!

So, maybe we did make our mark all those years ago.

Anyway....I digress

By the time I picked my friend up it was hammering down with rain.

I returned home to work on more furniture.

Here are some of the items we will be
 taking to Ardingly Antiques fair, 
next week

 This is our own colour..its called Ardingly Blue.

rubbish picture..apologies for that..but this very piece is featured in next months House and Garden magazine

Come and see us at Ardingly if you are there.
Shopping Arcade 79

That's along this run below

images of Ardingly ..

its a great source of photographic material,
 as well as treasures to buy.

Hope to see you.

Have a great day.

with reference to dashing out to have a walk
while the sun is still shining.
Too late.

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