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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Red Lion Pub tonight for a great evening.Paint Workshops and a meander around Arundel.

Hello from Arundel,
here in Sussex.

The sun is shining.
Yes, several days in a row it's been now.
Everyone is beginning to wear a very broad smile,
on their much more tanned faces

Night out in Arundel 

Tonight in Arundel
there's a great evening lined up
to raise money 
for the
Arundel Festival.

Its well worth wandering down to
The Red Lion Pub
in Arundel High Street

                 THURSDAY 26TH JULY                      
Arundel High Street
                                      FUNDRAISING EVENING
                    FABULOUS FOOD, GOURMET BUFFET (£8)
                               SPLENDID AUCTION PRIZES....OVER 40

paint workshops

We ran a decoupage workshop yesterday.

Well,as it turned out one lucky guy,
had 1 to 1 tuition due to two participants 
both being poorly.

Marc seemed to have a good day and
 managed to almost finish the piece of furniture
he had brought along to work on.

..........we stopped for a very civilised veggie lunch and a glass of wine.

Oh yes,
all included in our paint workshops.
I know, madness isn't it? LOL

He and his wife drove off with the cabinet standing proud ,
in the back seat of the open top mini.

I wasn't quick enough to grab my camera was quite a picture.

If you would like to come along on a paint
workshop, do let me know.
Our lovely studio sits right at
 the end of the garden by 
the river here in Arundel.

so what of today

Little wander down the garden early morning to plan the day

This is the view we see at the end of our garden ...idyllic isn't it?

I have a few Bamboo tables to complete for an order,and a couple of chest of drawers
to put final touches to....................

These fish chests of drawers have become the Arundel Eccentrics trademark.
They are now travelling all over the world and we supply many dealers from the US.
If you live in the US, let us know if you would like to find out  the nearest store to you.

but meanwhile, I thought you might be interested
to have a little meander through the streets
of Arundel.
We have such an amazing collection of buildings in the town,
from many different eras.

I lived here many years ago, in what seems now, someone else's life
If you know what I mean LOL

By the way a mullet is someone who was actually born in the town.
They have their own club.

Have a great day.

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