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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Appearing in House and Garden Magazine, on the BBC, Paint Workshops & coming soon, where to find beautiful antique mirrors.

Good Morning from Arundel Eccentrics

Firstly, and you will have to bear with me,
as I really do need to have a little brag.

We have a wonderful 
full page in 
this month's
House and Garden magazine.

 Oh! Yes, this is one of our Victorian Bamboo Tables,
that we decorated especially for the magazines Colonial theme. 

Here is another of our tables and although you cannot see the image, its still great to be in the magazine.

The bamboo table has elephants on and is still available.

Here are some more elephants, this time, on a  Victorian Chest of drawers,

Its very exciting, to see our work 
appearing in some top magazines,
and as if that were not enough......

Look out for us, in September on
BBC's Celebrity Road trip.

Paint and decoration workshops.

Down the end of our garden,
 sitting right by the river in Arundel,
is our beautiful studio.

Its where we have our
paint and decorate furniture workshops.
We had a great session yesterday and everyone seemed to have fun.

Sandy is on holiday from the US.
 Admittedly, she didn't travel
 all those miles JUST to attend our workshop,LOL
 Sandy said she had spent a wonderful day
and gained a lot from it.

We were using Annie Sloan paints,
which can be bought in the US quite easily.

Carol and Stella, got on like a house on fire.

Stella also lives in the US,
so was pleased to hear she can buy all the
necessary items over there.

Carol, I have known since we were 11 years old.
We were at school together in Brighton.
She is still charmingly bonkers.

Our peaceful studio .....

Let us know if you would like to come on one of our days.
Maximum of 4 people,
it's great fun,
and due to such small classes
you will learn a lot about
painting and decorating furniture.

email us

Down the other end of the garden
Nass and Russell,


were talked into
painting a few vintage items in between their
collections and deliveries of antiques.
They thought they were here for their coffee break. Ha Ha

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors

Here's a little taste of what
 we do at Arundel Eccentrics.
We find rather battered and forlorn chests of drawers, 
mostly 19th century, 
(though we have worked on all types of pieces, such as 1960's cabinets)

Anyway, back to those sad, looking chests.

We restore their bodywork,
paint and decorate them with 19th century decoupage.

Giving them several coats of TLC and varnish, 
we then send them out into the world for another 100 years or more.
The finished piece sitting well in both traditional or contemporary settings.

We also specialise in English Victorian Bamboo furniture.
These pieces are circa 1860 and mostly made in factories in London.
We can use the same images on bamboo or chests or wardrobes or tables.........

The images we use are varied.
Here is a link to past pieces to give an idea of the variety of images we can use

Having said all that
 we don't want to give the impression that all we sell are 
Victorian Chests of drawers with fish decoupage.

Although they are incredibly popular, 
with many of  our trade buyers
 they are, of course,
not to everyone's palate.

the black chests are very popular

So here is a little taste of some of the other items we have.
19th century English bamboo furniture

restored and decorated with Victorian images in the form of decoupage

We also source pieces for our customers and scour
 some of the most interesting, high class, tasteful,
antique and interior haunts that we know of.



That, coupled with searching in some 
interesting, tasteful/tasteless
and not always particularly,
 high class venues,
enables us to find
some great, sometimes quirky
 pieces, for both our customers
 and our own showrooms. 

If you are a trade customer,an interior designer,
or sourcing for film or theatre props,
you might be interested to contact us and give us an idea
of items you are looking for.
We will do our utmost to seek them out.

hand painted fox hunting scene on a 19th century bamboo table
my lovely aunt, an artist, paints on some of our furniture
vintage music on a 19th century chest

gilt on a 19th century pine chest with fish decoupage

botanical decoupage on a vintage screen










19th century chest with butterflies decoupage

 work in progress......19th century screen with Vicorian  botanicals drawings decoupage..the top will have mirrored glass

If you would like to look further,
email us at

or call us
to make an appointment to view our showroom.

for anyone who doesn't know us,
this is where we are based.
Arundel castle

ha ha ...not ACTUALLY in the 
castle you understand,
but in the very beautiful town of Arundel

You might like to have a little stroll around.

that's exactly what I will be doing very shortly.

hope you have a great day.

whatever you are doing.

Coming soon,
more about 
antique finds in our area,
on and off the 
High Street.

Mirror, mirror
on the wall........

where to find a cornucopia
 of antique mirrors
and the lovely family behind the business.

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