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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Arundel Wedding, Arundel Festival 10k, and Open House Art links


Good morning/afternoon/evening

wherever you may be.
On the penultimate day
of the
Arundel Festival.
Some of the streets
 looked a bit like the lull before the storm,
this morning when I went in to
watch the runners of the 10 k come in.
More of that in a mo,
but I ran into Mandy last night.
Mandy is a great girl who
lived in Arundel for years and who worked in
The Kings Arms Pub,
Tarrant Street,
for a long time.
Her and Nass used to have a love/hate relationship,
on the surface,
they loved each other really.
They would rib each other senseless on a Friday night,
when Nass was a regular there.


Mandy's Arundel Wedding

A couple of years ago,
Festival Time again,
Mandy got married
 and quite by chance,
 I was in a nearby shop and had my camera
slung over my shoulder.

I dashed out and took a few shots of a clearly ecstatic couple .

Then I didnt see them after that.

Ha Ha,
the kilt gives it away,
they went to live in Scotland

They returned for the festival last year and again,
I saw her by chance
and asked if we could use a shot in
The Arundel Diary.
Turns out,
the photographer had his camera stolen at the reception.....
All their wedding photographs lost forever.
she's back for another Arundel Festival,
Thats Arundel for you,
always pulls you back,
wherever you may roam......
She never did get the email with all the photos,
so this time,
dear Mandy
a disc with wedding pictures,
 will be waiting for you
behind the bar
The Kings Arms.


The Arundel Festival 10k

The town centre was buzzing early with the start,
of the 10k,
or so they tell me,
I didnt quite make it in time
ha ha was Sunday morning

I thought it would be more exciting watching them all come in,
 thats my story
and I'm sticking to it......LOL

our chum Rachel from The White Hart pub

Ive uploaded all the photos I took to our Facebook site,
if you are on any of them or have a friend who is,
by all means use the pictures.
Pass them along,

It can be my good deed for the day LOL

hello Sue...well done you xxx

This lady's name is Mummy...thats what they were all calling out, anyhow.
A very proud little girl ran the last few metres with Mummy.

The festival will be going all day today and tomorrow.
There's loads happening,
the town is buzzing,
we are open in our warehouse,
come along and say hello.
We are behind the Co-op,
down the alley next to William Hill,
turn left and left again,
the door in the left hand corner.
Behind the chip shop.....
We are interesting,
not posh ha ha

We have Jenny Lock the artist exhibiting...venue no 2

Oh and I ran into my friend
 Jacqueline Jermyn on my way into town.
Thats Arundel also.
It can take you an hour and a half to buy a pint of milk LOL
(Once I went for a haircut in the town
 and came back 6 hours later,
my friend had told me,
 my haircut was so wonderful,
we needed to go and celebrate it.)
Ha ha
Anyway, I digress.....
Here is a link to the site.
If you are an artist or artisan working behind the scenes,
like we do,
either from home,
a studio at the end of someones garden, farm building..........
This could be the place for you,
to publicise your work.
It's a fantastic idea.
One of the great selling features for a lot of people must surely be the
opportunity to take money through the site, by credit card.
Equally, if you want to find
some interesting things to buy,
take a look.
Enjoy the rest of your day
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