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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Furniture Decorating Workshops/ discount for August. editorials in magazines, Arundel Festival, and apologies to loads of people

Hello from Arundel

With a massive apology to quite a few people.

I've had a wee bit of trouble with my email.
Long story/wont bore you.

Yesterday, I was on the phone and computer to Sky
ALL DAY... and yes
I am shouting ha ha.

When, at last, I sorted at least 75% of it out
over 500 emails from months ago,
that I hadn't set eyes on before,
came flooding through.

Huge apologies to all those people.

There were inquiries about workshops,
sales, deliveries,  people pleading for 
advice on repairing decoupage items
Oh! my.

It's enough to make you reach for a large glass of red...

and yes, in case you're wondering.. I did. ha ha
spot the bamboo table...ours in House and Garden magazine , this month

Don't ask me how it happened
 its too complicated
 and depressing.

Now,while I am feeling so contrite,
anyone who wants to come on
one of our
Arundel Eccentrics
email me, LOL
( yes, really)
and tell me what you want to learn.

Give me some dates when you are free.

Now, here's the best bit,
instead of £95,
for the rest of August
 it will be £85 for a day.

As if that's not  brilliant enough,
get a two or three of your
 friends to come 
along with you,
and you
can all have the day for £80 each.

I know, crazy isn't it?

As you can see,
we have some fun.

You will learn a lot,
 and have a great sociable day out.

our Riverside Studio

 A good ol' munch at lunchtime
with a glass of wine,
and I am happy to do weekends.

.................and although officially its 9.30 - 5 pm,
we wont rush you out the door.

Let me know soon...
I am feeling contrite and embarrassed,
 but it wont last for ever Ha Ha.


I was just having a look through some 
of the magazines we have  been in,
our name is spreading, which is great.

one of our cabinets that the owners of this bathroom bought through Liberty in London

the very first black and fish chest we did,
a gorgeous Georgian little number,
 ended up in this edition of the US interiors magazine
Architectual Digest

I think I look mildly bonkers in this picture..the shippers had just turned up
 to take the box I was sitting on,
and  the photographer had
spent hours setting up the was all a bit embarrassing and stressful.
However, I probably look bonkers anyway

here's what I put in the blog at the time...

The article in BBC Homes and Antique is out
 and after much excitement my end, I received the first phone call.
I was all of a doo dah in anticipation of an order/ a sale/ a good enquiry

" Hello Dahling" said the woman's creamy voice

" I'm sorry do I know you?" was my reply

" No, my dear, but I've just seen your lovely write up in the magazine....."

thinks..."she sounds keen and as if she has a bit of money to spend"

".......and, dahling, I was wondering where you got your sweater from?"

"Tricot in Tarrant Street, Arundel, Dahling"
I replied, (not at all bitterly.)

Arundel Festival

will soon be here....the town comes alive during the Festival and just buzzes with excitement.

Our warehouse will be open all the time as we have
Jenny the artist, exhibiting with us.
She is on the Gallery Trail.

Check out the trail.
It's been going for over 20 years.
Pick up a leaflet with a map, and wander around the galleries in homes, shops, cafes...
many local artists exhibit as well as names from outside the town.

I've exhibited on the trail a few times...actually, I was on one of the very first, many moons ago.
You will find it exciting and pretty diverse...

If you don't.......
I will eat my Tricot Sweater.......... Ha ha

the waiters race is really fun to watch

Its on at the end of August

Come and join in the fun and frolics

the Gallery Trail is wonderful

Mon Dieu
Arundel Tourist Board 
should be paying me

Wedding of the year for us.

It's almost here.

the proposal

Our lovely Jay and his beloved
 will  be tying the knot
in September

these fabulous pictures where taken by the wedding photographers

They look like a Vogue Fashion shoot...gorgeous

  Stunning...I cant wait to see what they do with the wedding pictures.

vintage enamel

now.... its outside to finishing decoupage, varnishing 
and painting the vintage enamel and watering cans
ready for Ardingly antiques fair in September.

one of our butterflies and moths chests,
painted in our own colour
Ardingly Blue.

have a great day

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