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Monday, 20 August 2012

Workshop dates for the Autumn, Arundel Festival, The Bathtub Race

Hello from Arundel.

An incredibly hot, busy and crowded, Arundel.

I am not sure I have ever seen so many people in the town.

Yesterday, was the Bath Tub Race,
and it drew massive crowds.
People were sitting on every available  area of grass,along the riverbank.

Jubilee Gardens
 was full to bursting,
with families and friends,
 enjoying the sunshine and free entertainment.

The atmosphere throughout town was wonderful,
the hot, humid weather, adding to the carnival feel.

Entertainment for the children.

The kids were mesmerised.

The owl and the pussycat going to sea,or in this case, Tarrant Street, in their pea green boat.

I had a wander around town
and went to our warehouse, behind the Co-op, where Jenny Lock is exhibiting.

Come around and see us, particularly if you are doing the Gallery Trail.
We are Venue 2.
A bit off the beaten track, but  well worth exploring.

You come down the alley, or twitten, as we say down south,
 next to William Hill, turn left and sharp left again.

We are the little door in the far left corner that opens into a 19th century brewery building.
Its part of the old Swallow Brewery that was a huge part of the town in Victorian times.
The Swallow nows hangs on the Town Hall.

As well as the lovely Jenny and her gorgeous paintings

We have 4 showrooms of antique and vintage,
quirky and interesting,
furniture & objects.

In the past few months we have been
filmed by the BBC and been
in several interior magazines.

In fact, we are in one this month.
House and Garden magazine.

paint and decorate furniture workshops

Here are the dates for the Autumn.

We've done it in a slightly different way.
Here are the dates and if you want to come on a workshop,
dive in quick and let us know the date that suit you.
Tell us what course you would like to do.
That will be the allotted course for that day.

We realise every one is busy these days.
It's difficult trying to find time to turn around sometimes.

So, we thought it easier to say when we can do a course.
It doesnt matter to us which one we do, on which day.
BUT it will matter to you, if you short on time,
and trying to fit in a precious day.

Have a great day.

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