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Monday, 10 September 2012

Birthday Sunday in New York City and afternoon in Bryant Park

Good Morning from 
Arundel Eccentrics

I had a great birthday
yesterday in New York,
with our friends.

We enjoyed their typical 
Sunday morning,
with brunch at a
favourite diner.

....the waitress brought 
over a muffin with a candle in it,
and half the diner sang
"Happy Birthday"

We walked and walked,
before spending the afternoon
Bryant Park

Bryant Park
is a wonderfully relaxing place
 to spend 
some time.
A haven, in a bustling city.

there are areas for playing chess

reading areas

 table tennis

 or just sitting with friends

they even have classical music
playing in the loos.......

Bizarre happenings out on the street.
We had absolutely no idea 
what this run was all about lol

They were having fun though.......

Our friends took us to The Mandarin Oriental
for a birthday tea
and the most amazing view....

but sadly, they were closed for a private function.

They did, however, let me take some pictures.

So we came home for champagne and tea,
which was still great,
just without the view.

 ......and so it's goodbye to New York,
and our lovely friends,
and their gorgeous 
2 year old daughter,
who has been the source
 of great enjoyment
and constant peals of laughter.

Today, we catch a bus
to Washington,
where we will meet up with
other great friends,
who are
travelling from Annecy in France,
to come to our 
sons's wedding on Saturday,
in Virginia.

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