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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Vintage news, Artist Andy Waite exhibition and is it really almost Christmas? LOL

Hello from Arundel.
It's September 1st.

where oh where is the year going?
I guess the kids are back to school soon,
thats good news for a few fraught Mums.
( Yes, they are fraught, trust me, I've heard 'em ) LOL

Then, we will all be thinking of Christmas
Ha Ha
I have loads of Arundel image Christmas Cards
maybe I should start selling them early.
It'll be here before we know it.

vintage news

Carolyn from Vintage@Chi
a great vintage shop in Chichester

Firstly, that great three piece band in
Tarrant Street during the Festival.
I found out they are called
Dawn's Vintage Do
 and here is the link
to the website and blog

You will find the lovely Dawn

vintage clothes

Secondly, and pretty exciting for all you
vintage clothes enthusiasts,
while I was wandering around
 looking at the gallery trail,
I found, quite by chance,
The Vintage Room

It's upstairs in Nineveh House
Arundel Eccentrics
were about 11 years ago)
The huge converted church in Tarrant Street.
There isn't a website address
but the contact is;
Elaine 07702 755611
They had some fabulous clothes,
hats, jewellery.
It was stuffed full.
If you are into vintage clothes its
definately worth a trip to Arundel,
well, unless you live somewhere like
then its probably a long way for a few frocks.LOL

Another great vintage clothes shop is run by Carloyn,
the dancing redhead.

her shop is in Chichester and is called
 You will find her also on Facebook.


 Pretty Nostalgic Magazine

There is a new magazine that has recently come out.
I have to say, I hadn't heard of it,
but it sounds wonderful.
Here is a bit about themselves,
in their own words.
About Pretty Nostalgic
The independent bi-monthly vintage lifestyle magazine celebrating everything that’s brilliantly British has been enthusiastically
Nicole Burnett and Sarah Legg
We launched the first issue of Pretty Nostalgic magazine in May 2012, and we are so pleased and proud of the feedback and reviews we have been getting, especially as when we first came up with the idea for the magazine just a year ago, neither of us knew anything at all about publishing, writing, producing or designing magazines!
We met in January 2010, when we were just starting out as vintage dealers in the same antique’s centre, Sarah had started painting and renovating furniture, previously she had been a community nurse and owned a coffee shop and tapas bar and Nicole was selling vintage china and textiles after spending almost 20 years as a museum curator. 
Within 3 months of meeting, we had decided to work together and started looking for our own shop, we aimed high and found the largest shop  (almost 4000 square ft!) we could find in the busy market town of Cowbridge which is just a few miles outside of Cardiff in South Wales.
In September 2010 we opened Happy Days Vintage Home Store and Artisan Market.  We both had plenty of space to sell as much vintage furniture and bits and pieces as we could find, we had a beautiful tearoom and we let out space to 30 artists, crafters, sewers, bakers, restorers and growers in our artisan market.  We worked very hard at building the shop and it was and it is still very successful, we especially enjoyed working with our many artisan makers and felt very protective of them, we were constantly trying to educate our customers into buying handmade goods, but we all seemed to be fighting a tide of cheap foreign imports.  The final straw for us came when we were asked to advertise in a well-known British magazine and we were sent a complimentary copy to have a look at. Inside on the shopping pages, they were promoting handmade vintage items directly alongside cheap fake foreign made vintage style items – the difference in price was glaring, £45 for a handmade British cushion compared to £3.99 for the vintage style one from the High Street, we were both so cross, were the British public really only interested in the style and price of an item, didn’t they care about how, why where and who made it?
Very shortly after we decided to start our own publishing company, just like that really, Nicole had always wanted to write a book and Sarah had a dream of starting a magazine and so Pretty Nostalgic was founded in May 2011.
We started work on our first book, Pretty Nostalgic Home, visiting homes of customers and friends who shared our way of thinking, Sarah took many of the photographs and Nicole started writing it and choosing lovely images from her own library of vintage and antique books, magazines, postcards and photographs, which she has been collecting since she was a teenager.
We found ourselves a wonderful local printer and we met with them excitedly with our book and magazine ideas and although they thought we were mad and didn’t stand a chance in hell of pulling it off, they none the less humoured us and helped us all they could, giving us lots of advise and quote after quote.
We knew we would have to fund the development, design and print of both the book and magazine ourselves and that was no small task.  We wanted to have everything printed in Britain and this was proving so much more expensive than China, but we had to stick to our principals from the very start.
In July 2011 we met Jo, she was on a press trip for another magazine for which she was features editor, and as soon as Sarah found out she was in the world of magazines, Jo was swallowed up in our enthusiastic plans to launch Pretty Nostalgic.  Amazingly she didn’t think we were mad and really wanted to work with us, but unfortunately, she was getting married in the September and so couldn’t be involved until after.  Through the summer, we kept researching the world of publishing, visited lots of vintage and craft events and festivals and found out what sort of magazine people really wanted to read.  We quickly realised that many people felt the same as us and were getting bored and disillusioned with other British magazines and we knew were doing the right thing.
We met with Jo again in October 2011 and she accepted the post of Editor and we started work on the launch of Pretty Nostalgic and aimed for May 2012.  We all had an amazing amount to learn and at the same time we were finishing and publishing our book too.  We had to learn how to publish, write and design, but as we wanted it to be unlike any other magazine, we couldn’t simply copy what was out there.  We wanted everything to be the best it could be, we swore that all features in the magazine would be designed individually, as artworks in their own right.  We allowed our team, which now comprised of Jo as editor, Sue as art editor and Jen as photographer, to have the freedom to produce work they would really be proud of.  We invested in wonderful photo shoots and elaborate design, we wanted to bring a new perspective to the magazine and we developed the identity of Pretty Nostalgic.
From the very start we decided that the magazine would only feature and promote vintage, second hand, up-cycled and British made goods.
We are, as far as we know, the only magazine, which excludes foreign made goods, even if they are made for a British company and this is very important to us. We want to provide an access point for people who really care about what they are buying and actively want to buy vintage, handmade and British made goods and we want our advertisers to know that we will promote British goods on a level playing field without unfair foreign competition.
We decided early on that we wanted the magazine to be printed on quality environmentally responsible stock and that we wanted our stockists which comprise mainly of independent shopkeepers, to make at least 40% profit on selling the magazine and so we needed to sell the magazine for £8 to make it viable.  This did worry us initially, but people have been more than willing to pay extra for Pretty Nostalgic, it looks more like a book than a magazine and it is just so beautiful and different.
Well we are now working on issue 3 – we have done it, we have launched our own magazine, we are sold nationwide and have just increased our print run and we have an amazing magazine team working for us.  We have kept all our ideals and have funded it all ourselves and we are looking forward to the future of Pretty Nostalgic.

 Artist Andy Waite

I see  Arundel artist,
Andy Waite
who is a great favourite amongst the
Gallery Trail visitors
(  and my lovely next door neighbour,
 a few years back.
I used to live at 52 Tarrant Street
in some former life LOL) 

Anyway, I digress,
 Andy will be exhibiting
paintings on
Sussex Landscapes
26 High Street
throughout September.
Saturday and Sunday

other times by appointment.

here is a link to Andy's website

I'm pressing on with Victorian Bamboo
we have Ardingly Antique Fair
on Tuesday.



                                    Have a great weekend.

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