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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Wedding Day in Berryville, Virginia

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics
Winchester,Virginia, USA.

We are at
The Rosemont
here in

It's a beautiful house set in the most gorgeous surroundings.

Its the BIG DAY.

  • The wedding preparations are all done and the
build up over the past few days
have left all guests in a high state of excitement
(and in some cases exhaustion)
Mostly, self induced LOL.

The ladies had a great wine tasting day
at a local winery,
Chateau O'Brien.

The guys had a bucks day,
that they seemed to enjoy,
without too many 
wild goings on.

Last night we had the 
Rehearsal Dinner,
something we don't really do in the UK.

Or do we?
I've never been to one before.

the bride and all her lovely attendants

Jay and Krista on the practise run.

So, after months and months of organising
the day is finally here,
all the guests have been 
arriving throughout the week.

All getting ready for the off
later this afternoon.

Have a great day
Looks like we will here in Berryville.

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