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Friday, 5 October 2012

Battersea Decorative Fair, The Lacquer Chest Kensington & a French Brochante in the middle of Sussex

Hello from Arundel Eccentrics.
Its been a busy week,so far,
nicely so.

I ran a workshop on Tuesday with three
friends I have known for many years,
though don't see much of them.

We had a great time and 
they appeared to enjoy themselves and all gelled together as a group.

 I will be sorting out dates 
for next year's
Arundel Eccentrics
paint workshops pretty soon.

Also, will have gift vouchers
 if you would like to give
 a friend a workshop voucher
 for Christmas.

Watch this space,
or if you are local come along to 
Allie and my Christmas weekend.

Friday 9th November 6-9
Saturday 10th 10-4

We will have gifts & cards etc 
and details of her and my workshops.
Allie does scrapbooking and junk journals amongst other things,
you might have seen her on the 
Arundel Festival Gallery Trail.

Its at 80 Maltravers Street, Arundel.

Batterseas Decorative Fair.

Allie and I had a great day in London
on Wednesday and went to the decorative Fair
in Battersea.

I've been meaning to go for years.
It was well worth the wait.
We found it inspiring and both came away 
brimming with ideas.

It's only £10 entry.
Thats cheaper than Ardingly Antiques fair.

We saw in
the London Evening Standard
there were vouchers to get in free
and as the newspaper is free, 
it would be rude not to.

its on until Sunday,
so you still have time to get there.

Go on...have a day out.
You will absolutely love it.

The Lacquer Chest.

We went into Kensington
and had a wander around
which is now a shop that used to be part of
Barkers the large department store
in Kensington High Street.

( where I once saw Naomi Campbell 
looking in
 the window,
 standing in the rain, 
peering out from underneath an umbrella.
She was studying all the
 mannequin's who were
actually her.
What a shot.
No Camera AGHHH

Which is why, I now, always carry one) 

Back to Wholefoods.....
Oh! my's foodies heaven.
If you are veggie it is.
Even if you are not, its all organic,
and fresh and inspiring.

The salad bar must be the biggest in the UK.
Anyway, we grabbed our cardboard
recyclable box
and our bamboo fork,
filled it with every salad
imaginable, before we headed off
 to a little green oasis 
in the midst of chaos, 
to eat al fresco.

Go over the road to the 
flower seller at the bottom of
Kensington Church Street.
If you wander to the left of the flowers, under the archway,
 you will go through the graveyard 
and then into a delightful small park.

We were as happy as Larry,
whoever he was,
chatting,munching and generally 
watching Kensington life go by.
Afterwards, we wandered up through
this little street to find 
all these wonderful trompe l'oeil 
murals adorning the side of a house....

and went up into Kensington Church Street.
I wanted to show Allie,
The Lacquer Chest,
that is run by some friends of ours.

The main shop is not huge,
but its interesting.

However, if you are in the business
of hiring for film props,
cookery shows,
(I gather Mr Oliver himself goes there),etc
you will think you are in props heaven.

We were lucky enough to be invited 
to have a wander around the hiring area.

this is what it says on their website

Established in 1951. 
An enchanting London antique shop with a unique 
collection of props for hire by stylists in film, television and photography

and thats exactly the word for it

We ended up having a wander.
Anthropologie in Regents Street always really inspiring
then went up to
to check out the furniture department

and yes...these are done by Yours Truly....

Another interesting find.

You wouldn't even know this was there.
Its a great place for a rummage and is at
Small Dole on the road 
from Steyning to Henfield

And today?

Oh despondency.............
 its the books.
It has to be done, 
and I am rubbish at keeping up with them.

The website all needs updating too,
so if you are after our latest stock,
please just contact us.
We seem to have had a rather busy time, of late,
which is great news.

 New trade clients are finding us,
one way or another,
and I know its hard for 
 trade customers,
as we have been like a little secret place,
but we do need to spread the word in order to grow the business.

It's that or stack shelves in the supermarket. LOL

Hope you have a great day.

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