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Monday, 22 October 2012

Dreary Mondays but loads to do..Victorian Bamboo and a stroll around the showroom..paint and decorate furniture workshops....and that BBC programme we were on...cringe cringe.........

Good Morning from

As you can see,
its a real dreary Monday morning,
here in our corner of Sussex.

It's been some time since
 I have put pen to paper,
 as it were.

Where, Oh where, 
is the time going
this year?

What's next?

 Unusual quirky

Christmas Gifts and 

Arundel & handmade Christmas Cards

On Friday 9th November 6-9 pm
Saturday 10th November 10-4 pm
we are having an open house
 couple of sessions
at my friend
Allie Bonds.

80, Maltravers Street

Christmas Gifts ...unusual ones.
cards and loads of Arundel Christmas Cards.
Workshop details and gift vouchers.

Wander down and see us.
Come down the steps to the left of the house and into the rooms downstairs.
It will be great to see you.

weddings and holidays in the US

We had the most 
wonderful holiday 
in the US
for our Jay's wedding.

We have just received a
 link to the wedding

It's very romantic and touching,
I had a few tears welling up,
and needed a box of Kleenex.

I'll be the one in pink
 and the only guest
to wear a hat.

They don't wear them 
so much in the US
for weddings do they?

Wedding Link.

I have to was the most stylish wedding I have EVER been to..

Anyway.......when we returned we had to make up for lost time
 and get straight on with 
painting and decorating furniture.

I've run a couple of paint workshops in the past few weeks,
slotted in amongst the work on our own pieces..

Here is a bit about  what we do on them,
and what you can expect to get out of the day.

Arundel Eccentrics 
have been in Arundel 
for almost 20 years.

Firstly, as 
Ambiance set up with friends...

I wonder if anyone remembers us here.
This is now
William Hill in Arundel.

We were a pop up shop, way ahead of our time... LOL

The Old Brewery Warehouse
and Queen Street
 and later,
Ninevah House, Tarrant Street.

Over the years we have been honing our skills with furniture painting and decoration,
and,as well as having many regular
US antique trade customers,
we also supply shops in the UK such as 
Liberty in London.

Throughout the States,
our pieces are to be found in
 NYC, Texas, Florida, Carolina,California......
They are more travelled than we are.

Our work has featured in many 
interiors magazines,
House and Garden
Homes and Gardens,
BBC Homes and Antiques
in the UK 
Architectural Digest 
in the US.

If you would like to learn how to 
paint & distress,
wax and age,
crackle and craquelure
 & gild.....
make an old piece you 
found lying unloved,
 looking seriously
destined for the rubbish tip, 
into, at the most, a work of art
& treasured heirloom
at the very least
very much more beautiful than it did.

At the same time, enjoying 
the tranquillity
of our
Riverside Studio
in the beautiful,
country town of Arundel,
you will be learning in small classes,
with refreshments including
a vegetarian lunch and a glass of wine.
let us know.

Give us an idea of what you 
would like to learn
some dates that would suit you.

We will try our very best
 to tailor the day,
 or days around you.

If you would like a weekend break,
(or a hen day,
before you go and put
 on your glad rags 
to go clubbing)
we can help you find a room or rooms 
at one of our local
many of which are based in 
some of the most
glorious houses in 
Arundel's picturesque old town.

9.30 am until 5 pm
£95 per day
if you want to book two days
we will do the pair for £150.

So far, everyone who has come on our workshops
have said what fun they had,
and that they had learnt a lot.

Certainly, they have gone off with enthusiasm and
returned to do even more days with us.

painting and decorating with decoupage like a thing possessed

We had sold a lot of items before we left for America,
finding several new trade customers was exciting for us.

Well, actually, they found us, which was even more exciting.

The shippers 
 picked up  while we were away,
and, on our return,
it looked liked we had been robbed.Ha Ha.

So, this is my little Victorian Cottage this morning.

English 19th century bamboo scattered about in various stages of completion.

English Victorian Bamboo bookcase....with fish decoupage

Vintage bamboo table...English  ... its the right height that would make a great coffee table...with elephants decoupage

Victorian Bamboo table with fish decoupage

Victorian Bamboo tables....strawberries and butterflies

hand tinting Victorian images of strawberries...English Strawberries of course Ha Ha

If you look at our website at the moment, its in a complete mess.

I just cannot keep up with all the painting and decorating furniture,
paint workshops
photographing and measuring and uploading and updating


So, if you are interested in what we do,
please do email me and Ill send you some 
details of current stock

victorian bamboo table with chickens decoupage

If you are a trade buyer visiting Arundel 
please do let us know and we can arrange to see you
in our very large showroom/warehouse.

I hear grey is the new black 

vintage enamel bowls that I paint and decoupage

Victorian Bamboo table in front of a painted 19th century bookcase

19th century bamboo table with leopards and lions...these featured in House and garden magazine in September

Victorian Bamboo chair...leather  on the seat

Victorian Bamboo table with olive green leather

this is unusual a Victorian Bamboo stand...towel rail?

Victorian Bamboo Table with fish decoupage

these vintage metal baths are great fun to decorate

a stroll around the warehouse

Victorian Bamboo cabinet original rattan

and one last note with a ring of disappointment in my voice......

Yes, we were filmed by the BBC.

I was so excited to see 
it on my return from the US,
as it was screened while we were away.

Now, bear in mind, they were with us
three and a half hours.

I greeted them and 
introduced myself as 
they drove up to our warehouse.

I chatted on camera 
about what we did,
the decoupage,
who we were,
just about everything,
from the moment they arrived.

Nass,wanted to keep in the background,
although they called him
 forward to discuss the item they were buying.

I, mindful of not talking over him, 
stood by his side,
and didn't utter a word,
for a few minutes.

That, my friends,  
was the only snippet
 they showed of us...
and they called us
Brendan and Nass...
Any twerp knows Brendan is a boys name. LOL

I was mortified.
Stood there looking like a porky,silent idiot.

Even friends
 Julie and Rudi from 
Mangan Antiques,
on the same programme,
explained, with a hint of apology,
 to the friends they watched it with,
 that we were normally
 such a gregarious couple.

I know any publicity is
 meant to be good publicity,
but I am really not so sure now.
I would certainly have reservations
about doing anything else on tv.
Maybe I should/we should remain
enigmatic and a bit of an unknown. 
I've had my minute of fame...
think that's quite enough..Ha Ha

Right lets get on with all this furniture.

I'll show you these now,
in the rough.

this looks gruesome..its covered in mould...boring and brown

 and these chests...covered in fablon they were...
but they have the potential to make a lovely pair.

so, if you are interested
 in doing up furniture,
I'll keep you updated 
on how they are looking..
and then we can look at 
the finished product.

Hope you have a great day  

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