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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Arundel By Candlelight, The Bell Magazine & and other chat

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics
and Oh!
Quelle surprise!
It's raining
Ha Ha

It's only another
 week until
Arundel by Candlelight
lets hope the rain 
holds off on that day.

It's on Saturday 8th December.
The town will be buzzing.
There will be stalls up the 
High Street and along
Tarrant Street.

The town will be full of
Festive Frolics
and good cheer

by the way..having talked about the Fair Trade Fair... Frank at Larkins sells a huge amount  of Fair Trade Products

Here's a few seasonal photos of Arundel
 to get you in the festive mood.
We really are lucky 
to live in such a beautiful place.

my house looks so pretty in the snow don't you think?

If you are as fond of Arundel
maybe you have visited,
or lived here once,
or were brought up here,
and live elsewhere
(I've met several people over the years who were evacuated here as children, 
during the war 
and they came back to reminisce.)

One man asked to have a look round
my friend Allie's house, 
just as I was going in to see her
as he was evacuated and lived there.

Anyway, I digress,
if, any of the above, 
you might well
 be interested
The Bell Magazine

If you are one 
of our
US readers
it's £14 a year subscription
and you would just need to contact
the email address below.

"The Bell is Arundel’s Town Magazine 
which is still being published quarterly
 after more than 12 years.

    It is delivered free to people
in the town and the 14 surrounding villages.  
The Editorial team are volunteers 
as are most of the people who deliver it. 
 Subscriptions are available to those 
residents who have moved to 
other parts of the country
 or the world.  

We try to cover a range of interesting
 and relevant topics about Arundel
 and are always looking 
for new articles or stories.

  We have regular contributors such as a Computer corner, history, 
gardening and contributions
 from the local primary schools
 and churches as well as the quarterly
 crossword compiled by one of the team.

  The magazine relies solely on revenue
 from advertisers and we 
are non-profit making,
 which takes a lot of time and 
effort to ensure we can always deliver.

  Should you be interested in receiving
 a copy of the magazine for a small subscription please contact the Editor, Marian Webb on 

 or you might like to advertise, send a letter, send an article. 

We are advertising our 
painting furniture workshops in
The Bell
next year.

It would take me a month of Sundays 
to deliver leaflets to all those homes.

So what's happening today?
I have several items of furniture
at near finished level.

It makes me so excited to
 see them almost done,
the trouble is
as fast as 
Nass and Russell
take them out to put on the van
they bring another item of furniture in 
that is in dire need
of some TLC.

By the way,
at the moment,
our warehouse is only open
by appointment or by chance.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

We have some wonderful 
pieces in at the moment
and if you are trade and 
would like to visit
or a private buyer after
 something specific
just let us know

Much as Id love to,
I can't sit here chatting all day

Have a great day

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