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Friday, 23 November 2012

Fair Trade Fair at Arundel Castle, Arundel by Candlelight, Arundel Eccentric Paint and decorate antique/vintage furniture workshops & a stroll around our showroom,

Good Morning from
Arundel Eccentrics

In Arundel
this weekend, 
we have 
The Fair Trade Fair 
Arundel Castle

10-4.30 pm
Entry is FREE
for more information you can go to

Arundel by Candlelight is  looming.
( Where, Oh where, did this year go?)

Its on Saturday 8th December

The town absolutely BUZZES......

There are loads more stalls this year, 
both down in the High Street
 and up into Tarrant Street........

I am sure Father Christmas will be along,
when he finds a parking place. HaHa

We will have our stand outside the butchers in the square
and have a few unusual gift items
and our own Arundel Christmas cards.

Come along and join in the fun/havoc/festivities

Find out a bit more here on the Arundel Org site

a walk round the showroom

I am desperately trying to work on pieces and update the website at the same time,
and the latter doesn't come easy I have to takes me an age.....

Oh .....not enough hours in the day

 We have some interesting stuff coming through

The showroom is only open by appointment, at the moment...
so if you want to wander there yourself,
just give us a ring or email to make an appointment

 tel 07973968446

So, for anyone who wonders what we do...
here is a little meander around Nass and my showroom

I've also been trying to get back to walking up
 into the park or along the riverbank
on a daily jaunt,
 but am finding it difficult, time wise,
particularly now its getting dark so early,
 and only manage a circuit round the town at the end of the day.

So here...for my benefit and yours if you like is a record of a sunny, Sunday,
 November walk

 a few of my snaps along the way...these cows were very accommodating and came along just at the right time as the sun was dipping...It gave some wonderful reflections.

a little musical walk......

By the way, if you are interested in doing one of our workshops
 here in our lovely town, I can put you on to a couple of beautiful b & b's.
Maybe you could make a weekend of it?

we have had fun over the past few months

Its not ALL gilt and butterflies decoupage....a bit of cheekiness goes on as well...LOL

We are not governed by using certain products........... we try out everything

Decorative Painting workshops

Learn to
paint & distress,
wax and age,
crackle and craquelure
& gild.....
make an old piece of furniture
found unloved,
looking seriously
destined for the rubbish tip,
into, at the most, a work of art
& treasured heirloom
at the very least
very much more beautiful than it did.
At the same time, enjoying
the tranquillity
of our
Riverside Studio
in the beautiful,
country town of Arundel,
you will be learning in a small friendly class
and enjoying a tasty, vegetarian lunch
with a glass of wine.

I know, I know, LOL, they really are as fun as they sound

We have met some lovely people and had some great workshops over the past few months.

Here is what some of them have to say.....

"What a wonderful, inspirational day,
I loved every minute of it"

"What an incredible experience
 doing decoupage with Brenda."

Ha ha this person added

"her ideas and her talent are endless,
her charm is delightful,
now add her scrumptious lunch
and you won't want to leave"

Thank you Sandy,
I only just noticed all those 
wonderful things you said, 
and now my head is 
so large I cannot get
 out of my house through the door.
I would also like to officially
 sign you up as my agent.
Ha Ha

" I never thought I could 
do anything remotely usable"
said Chrissie,
who turned this

and this

into this...she had NEVER done anything like this before.

We use all sorts of products
and introduce people to 

painting, distressing and waxing,
crackle glaze,
 and aging pieces in all different ways.

Dates for workshops

A day costs £95, but if you would like to do the whole weekend,with a friend or two,
we will do both days for £145 per person.

Here are all the dates for early in 2013

Dates for workshops 2013

Preparing, Paint, distress, 
crackle glaze and wax a small item of furniture

Course code 1
Saturday 12th January
Monday 21st January
Tuesday 29th January
Saturday 9th February
Tuesday 19th February
Saturday 23rd February
Thursday 28th February
Monday 4th March
Saturday 16th March
Monday 25th March
Thursday 4th April
Tuesday 16th April

Introduction to decoupage
Paint , distress and 
then decoupage and finish
 a small item of furniture

Course code 2
Sunday 13th January
Tuesday 22nd January
Wednesday 30th January
Sunday 10th February
Sunday 24th February
Friday 1st March
Tuesday 5th March
Sunday 17th March
Tuesday 26th March
Friday 5th April
Thursday 18th April

Introduction to Craquelure,
 varnish, wax and 
finish a small item of furniture

Course code 3
Tuesday 15th January
Thursday 24th January
Monday 4th February
Tuesday 12th February
Thursday 7th March
Wednesday 20th March
Saturday 13th April
Friday 26th April

So saying, if absolutely none of these
dates are any good to you
and you would like to come on one 
of our workshops
email me
with a few dates that are convenient
to you
and lets see if we 
can coordinate something

If you would like to join us
you can print off the booking form
(link below)

and send a deposit cheque with the completed form.
All the details are on the form.

Or through the website

We also have gift cards,
so if you have a loved one you want
to treat to a special day out,
you might want to find out more............

and now its time to pick up the paintbrush and decoupage and get on....

Oh dear,  these Victorian Bamboo tables, need some TLC don't they?

have a great day

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