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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gorgeous Wedding Pictures..This is Arundel, Open House Art, and a lovely winter art exhibition in Tadworth, plus a Christmas gifts evening you wont want to miss and if your car needs an MOT here's yer man

Hello from Arundel,
Sunny, crisp November day.

We are having our loft insulated today so I was raking through 
everything up in the murky darkness yesterday.
Oh! the junk we all keep.
Well, maybe its just the junk I keep, then.
If its remained untouched for the past 10 years I really don't need it,do I?

However, the photos and memories I do,
 and I was sifting through and having a little tear in the eye.
Hence, the task took longer than it should have Ha Ha

I must sort through the photo boxes for Jay.

 Otherwise, one day he will have to sort out all our rubbish and he
 won't know who all those people are in the photos and why they were so special to us.

So saying, when our son Jay stepped on that plane to New York City about 12 years ago,
he was unknowingly embarking on the biggest adventure of his life.

He went to work for Ecko Unltd where he  met Krista 
whom he married in September.
He now lives in the Laguna Hills and works
 nearby for a surfwear/streetwear company.

So, all his stuff is still in my loft Ha Ha
At the time, you are never sure if you are
 going to return with your tail between your legs are you?
Well, he didn't.
He went from strength to strength.

Which means I need to sift through all the household things...he won't want those now.
The decks and skateboard he still will...I  even have the helmet he used to wear.
Funny, he was working for a skateboard company on Huntington Beach.
That  skate obsession never left him.

Anyway, here is the result of the adventure he embarked on all those years ago.

Jay designed his own suit...even the cufflinks are old English sixpences.
He is working towards his own label.
Jay Borley heard it here first.
He particularly wants to tap into the English styles throughout the ages.
He will, of course need some of my English Antique Furniture in his shop Ha Ha

The "First Look" we don't have that over here ..but I am sure it will come.
The groom gets to see his bride before everyone else.

I adore this shot..very cool...although, they do look like they are in the Mafia

my Jay and me.

Gorgeous pictures aren't they?
The photographer does an amazing job.

Magazine editorials

The other stuff I found,
raking through boxes
 was all the editorials
from magazines I had been searching for.
Over the years we have found ourselves cropping up in national interiors magazines
and journals.

Great to see our work turning up in some extremely prestigious magazines.

Tadworth Art Group Exhibition

This looks like its going to be a lovely exhibition.
One of my neighbours belongs to this group up in Surrey.
If you live in the area you might be interested to drop in.

Its on
Friday 16th November
Saturday 17th November
Sunday 18th November

Details of times and venue above 

This is Arundel

I've been a great fan of the 
work of local photographer
Christian Doyle,
for a long time.

Actually, I think our wedding was one of the
 first she photographed.
I've known her many years.

 So I was really excited to see 
she has started a new project.

Oh! If you love Arundel
you must check this out.

Arundel Eccentrics 
will be
 on there,
 in a few weeks time.

Its been done in a really, really, stylish way,
with Christian's own trademark, style of photography.

It makes us, in Arundel,
look every inch the 
sophisticated businesses we are.

That was tongue in cheek, by the way.

Have a look.... its exciting.

Open House Art

Another exciting venture
is by local friend,
 artist, Jacqueline Jermyn. 
 She has been busily working on this project 
and it's exploding onto the art scene
not only here in Arundel,
but nationwide.

Here is what Open House say about themselves

"Open House Art was founded by artists and is run by artists, for the benefit of artists. It is a networking site for all artists but especially for those exhibiting from their home or studio. Hundreds of Open House/Studio events are barely aware of each other so we have linked them together into one community."

"We created Open House Art to be the organisation for self-representing artists who have, until now, been viewed fleetingly and in isolation to be represented on the national stage along with thousands of others."

Its a wonderful idea.

I am sure there are so many people working
by themselves, who feel incredibly isolated.

We don't work on the High Street ourselves.

I paint, decoupage and gild 
all the Arundel Eccentrics furniture
in my studio at the bottom of the garden
or in my little house.

( Which if you saw,
you would faint with shock,
my lovely husband, Nass,
does that each day when he comes home.
At first, I thought he was stunned 
by my radiance, and thats 
what made him swoon but
then I realised, it's the mess..LOL
Our lounge is full of works in progress) 

The studio was originally
 built as a garden room.
Our house is small, 
and it gave us some extra vital space.
We did a lot of entertaining down there.
So much so,
one of my neighbours christened it,
" La Maison de Bonheur" Ha Ha

But when the need to find a 
studio/workshop arose,
it made sense to evolve
 the house of fun
into a place of work.

Our showroom is a 
19th century brewery building
lovely, but, away from 
Arundel's main High Street,
not far,
but you might as well 
be a million miles away sometimes.

Location, Location, location hey?

Anyway, I digress.
Suffice it to say,
I would benefit greatly
 from a network
of people similar to me
working from home 
or off the beaten track.
We are lucky in as much as we are in a town.

There must be so many 
artists and artisans
 working away
in rural, isolated places,
who would benefit from a network.

This would be the 
perfect site for them,
as it is for us.

anyway take a look....

Christmas event

one off,handmade
Christmas gifts,
 Handmade Cards
workshop gift cards
Arundel Christmas Cards,
fantastic baubles..
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Yes, this Friday 6-9 pm 
all day Saturday 10-4

at my chum Allie Bonds residence
80. Maltravers Street.

Should be fun.
I think Friday will be both fun, 
and incredibly hectic,
but you might want to scramble through the crowds.
When its gone, its gone. 

and just one last thing.....
a friend of our has recently moved his garage.
It's very much a friendly, family run,  business.
Here is a bit about them,

"The garage is open 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings by appointment. Obviously Robin is in the workshop and we also have a lovely ex- Harwoods Aston Martin mechanic, Jeremy who is a superstar. He and Robin both believe firmly in the policy of only fixing what is broken and doing a good job every time. We have recently employed an apprentice called Alicia who is getting to grips with being a mechanic and general dogsbody.

Since the move to the fab new location we are able to MOT mini buses (class 5 light) and big vans (class 7) and obviously cars as well. We also sell and fit tyres ourselves now and are fiercely competitive on prices. Robin is happy to drive cars in from Arundel by prior arrangement if that suits people, either from their house or they can drop it at ours too."

Anyway cant sit here all day

I have these little treasures to work magic on......

Victorian Pine chests of drawers,

work as a pair

they came complete with plastic tops LOL

watch this space for transformations
I am thinking black with butterflies.........

Have a lovely day

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