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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Workshops dates, Arundel walks on a glorious Sunday in November, "This is Arundel" website and other musings

Hello from Arundel Eccentrics,
I started this entry on Sunday.
Crisp, beautiful, sunny November day.

I've been so busy and am only just finishing the post
 and now its Tuesday,
bleak, wet and rather gloomy.

So, if I've made any references
 to the sun,
ignore it.
Ha Ha 


Here are all the details,
 dates and booking
 for the next set of

Painting and Decorating Furniture Workshops.

We also do Gift Cards
 So, if you want to treat a loved one to a great day out,
or you want to come along yourself,
here are all the details.

You can buy the gift cards through the website.
 If you want to book a workshop yourself,
and its more convenient
  just buy a gift card and then
 email me your details and the date
you would like to book for.

any problems..... email me

Dates for workshops 2013

Preparing, Paint, distress, crackle glaze and wax a small item of furniture
Course code 1
Saturday 12th January
Monday 21st January
Tuesday29th January
Saturday 9th February
Tuesday 19th February
Saturday 23rd February
Thursday 28th February
Monday 4th March
Saturday 16th March
Monday 25th March
Thursday 4th April
Tuesday 16th April

Introduction to decoupage
Paint , distress and then decoupage a small item of furniture
Course code 2
Sunday 13th January
Tuesday 22nd January
Wednesday 30th January
Sunday 10th February
Sunday 24th February
Friday 1st March
Tuesday 5th March
Sunday 17th March
Tuesday 26th March
Friday 5th April
Thursday 18th April

Introduction to Craquelure, varnish, wax and finish a small item of furniture
Course code 3
Tuesday 15th January
Thursday 24th January
Monday 4th February
Tuesday 12th February
Thursday 7th March
Wednesday 20th March
Saturday 13th April
Friday 26th April

Introduction to gilding with decoupage
Where you will gild, decoupage varnish and finish a small item of furniture

Course code 4
Friday 18th January
Friday 25th January
Tuesday 5th February
Friday 15th February
Friday 8th March
Friday 22nd March
Sunday 14th April
Saturday 27th April

Booking Form

farmers Market in Arundel

Saturday was Farmers market,
it's always the 3rd Saturday of every month.
The town is always bustling on that morning.

I bought a gorgeous pendant at the market, for a birthday gift for someone close to me.
 I can't tell you who,as I wanted to mention she hears voices.
It's been a very long and fraught road for her and sometimes me,
but she's still got her amazing sense of humour , sense of fun, and sense of what is real and what isn't
.......just not every day.

She was telling me she had just been called up for jury service,
and that because of her history she clearly wouldn't have to do it.

She laughed and said " I spose I must be a little bit bonkers as I was once sectioned,
I would be letting everyone off. Ha Ha
By the way, if you still have that picture of me winning Miss Pontins all those years ago, can I have it?
I want to show my voices I was pretty once....when I was 17"

Oh! I came away with such tears in my eyes.

Strangely, the woman I bought her gift from told me..."my daughter is also schizophrenic."

Funny old world hey?
By the way,...if you've never seen
"A Beautiful Mind" with bad boy, Russell try and watch it.
He is brilliant in it.
Its a wonderful insight into mental illness and if you don't already,you would view it with a more sympathetic eye. I believe it is based on a true story.

This is

There is a wonderful new web site
focussing on Arundel businesses
both those on and off the High Street.

We have just gone on to the site
 this week.

Local photographer,
 Christian Doyle,
 takes all the photos, 
in her own
inimitable style.

We were thrilled with our images.

The website feels very slick
 and is building up
a fantastic picture of 
businesses in the town.

It's great for us,
 as we are not in the 
public eye.

Thanks Christian
beautiful photographs.

Thai evening out

We had a great night out with 
friends on Saturday
and went to Chichester,
where we went to
a beautiful Thai Restaurant.

It is always so busy 
as the food is unbelievable.
Thanks to our lovely friends
 for treating us.

It was munchlicious.

Arundel walks to lift the spirits.......
 and soothe the soul,

Sunday afternoon,
 I decided to 
make the most of
the gorgeous weather
and have a good stride out.

Having set
"Map my walk",
I was delighted to see
I had burned off over 700 calories,
so that was a bit of that
 munch from the previous night
worked off Ha Ha.

I thought you might like to
 see a few of the snaps
 I took along the way.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful.

So the route?
I went through the town,
along Mill Road,
through Swanbourne lake,
up into the park and down towards
Along the river bank towards 
The Black Rabbit Pub
(and no, I didn't stop for a glass) LOL

Back along the river bank 
towards the town.
I walked through
 the town, just as the sun
was going down.

So here,
is Arundel
or, at least a very small
 part of it

have a lovely day.

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