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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Antiques and Vintage at The Old Brewery Warehouses...Freezing down at Ford Car Boot Sale & a nostalgic walk around Annecy in the French Alps

Good Morning 
Arundel Eccentrics.

 I thought over the next few weeks,
 I might introduce 
you to a few of the characters
 and  goings on,
here in Arundel.

To start with,
we have a new neighbour in our
Old Brewery Antique warehouses
part of town.

The great thing is..... he is also dealing in antique and vintage.

Roland has made a great job of doing up the old warehouse
 that was Arthur Croft's iron working home for over 20 years.

He has renovated it beautifully, while still retaining the wonderful
 quirky character of the old brewery building.

They are still building up on stock,
but this part of the old Swallow Brewery promises
to be a really interesting place to browse, and shop,
and it is open most days.

( By the way, a little aside, if you Google, the Swallow Brewery, Arundel
you should find some interest facts and probably old photographs.

Or if you go on Facebook check out Arundel, Sussex...
He has what surely must be the largest collection of old Arundel pictures.
If its something that interests you, you'll be there for hours. I can guarantee it.

The Swallow that originally swung from the 19th century brewery
now hangs on Arundel Town Hall.)

Anyway, I digress.....back to the warehouse next to ours....

There are already some rather fascinating and quirky pieces, appearing in there.

We are now open again every Saturday, by the way,
other times by appointment only, at the moment.

Very many apologies, to all our regular
friends who liked to wander
round on a Saturday to say " Hello"
and have a gentle meander
through the warehouse/ showroom.
Sorry, if we missed you.

Ford car boot sale

We were out and about early this morning
and went down to Ford Car Boot Sale.

If you've never been its well worth a trip.

It's even worth travelling a fair distance for.
I've known dealers come down from London to buy there.

I've never been able to fathom, though,
why car boots and antique sales start at silly o'clock in the morning.

Any ideas?

Why not 10 am?

Why have people queuing up to stall out at 03.00hrs or even earlier, for 06.30 starts.

I'm not complaining.
Merely, musing. LOL

These are images from warmer days.......

this bread is gorgeous.......

and this was Ford Car boot sale today

It was BITTER......

that's why I only took a few shots...
...............hard to get the hands out of the pockets


Have you ever been to 
Annecy in the
Haute Savoie region of  France?

I always thought Arundel
 should twin with it.

Haven't been for a few years,
but when my son Jay was young,
we used to go there all the time to stay with old friends.
This was one of my favourite little cafes, hidden away in Annecy old town.

I was scanning in some of my old black and white negatives the other day.
It made feel very nostalgic for the area.

It has a castle like Arundel...............

and a river running through it....................

 my gorgeous son

I suppose we don't have mountains

or a lake....

Chateau de Menthon

Beautiful though hey?

I must get back there for a visit some day.

Meanwhile, must get on with some work....ha ha
Can't sit here rambling the day away.
I have a chest of drawers to complete.

One of the aforementioned,
 Annecy friends is now
 probably my very best friend,
as she is cutting out fish and
sending little weekly parcels with them in,
all beautifully cut.

I might need to send her English chocolate
to nimble up the fingers for cutting out. LOL

Now, maybe our  Victorian chest labels
 should read
"avec poisson."

Ha ha

Have a lovely day

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