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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Beautiful Arundel, Paint workshops, chests and other stuff

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentics

It's dawned wet and grey here in Arundel,
but we have had some beautiful mornings just recently.

Dancing horses

On Monday, I had a paint workshop here,
 at the Riverside Studio
 studio and hence was up
 and around early, preparing.

I glanced across the field opposite our little Victorian cottage,
 and here was the lovely scene that met my eyes.

It was frosty and  still cold, but the sun
 was just up and the ground 
was starting to warm,
so there was steam rising.
 You could see the horses breathe as
 they gambolled around the field.

The light was just stunning.

I ran in for my trusty camera.......

Watch the sequence...
the three horses were dancing
 around the field together.

 a little roll around..........

but...dont' leave me behind

Until eventually, they had a little conference in the middle of he field. 

It was a lovely sight first thing n the morning.

vintage chests

We have had several paint and distress and decoupage
 workshops over the past week.

Somehow, though, I'm still managing
 to finish chests of drawers
and get them down to our antiques warehouse.

I'm really pleased with how this one has finished up,
as it was in a bad way when we found it.

We can send him on his way for another 100 years now. Ha Ha

Arundel Walks

As you walk down Mill Road in Arundel,
you might notice that the last 
of the adolescents in the Swan family
appear to have flown the nest. 

I noticed just one staying put, last week.

It feels very much as if Spring is approaching
The ducks are getting pretty frisky,
so, no doubt, it wont be long before
 we can watch the new life
 on the streams down there.

Each year we watch the swans and their new brood.

On my walk on Sunday, I went down Mill Road...

and around Swanbourne Lake

 and up into Arundel Park..........

Swanbourne Lake

This sign made me feel sad as we wont be seeing the horses galloping again, in Arundel Park

One of the joys of walking through Arundel Park
early in the morning
was watching
John Dunlop's racehorses
 being exercised.

 you find the most stunning views up there..........

back down to Swanbourne lake

First signs  of Spring in Arundel Park

Paint workshops

I had a great workshop day on Saturday.
Nancy was lucky enough to have the day by herself and my undivided attention,
so we managed to transform two pieces and she went home a very happy person.

This was the box she had found.
It's probably 19th century , heavy lovely old pine.
She said it cost her about £40

We took all the tacks and bits and pieces off first.

This chair had been hers as a child and had been either in loft or garage, and was in quite a state.
She wanted to restore it for her little girls room.

We had a great day and she went home with her pieces really happy.

paint workshops

Do you have an old wreck of a piece?
Ha Ha
No, I'm not talking about spouses.

An old sad looking item.
Actually, even a new sad looking item

You can manage to change
 it's entire persona,
have a fun day,
 eat a great veggie munch at lunch time
with a glass or two of wine,
(if you promise not to fall asleep in the afternoon)
make friends,
and learn a new skill.

It will open up new worlds, if you haven't had a go already.

People leave our little studio,
 proudly clutching their transformed pieces and
head straight for the nearest car boot sale to buy more items,
 or the paint shop for more materials,
or they empty out their garden shed to use as a workshop.

We've had them all.

One friend who was on a workshop,
 went home and was inspired to begin a whole new sideline.
Working in a punishing full time job, 
she said returns home and paints until silly o'clock
in the morning,
and has sold loads of the pieces
 she makes from driftwood.

We, at Arundel Eccentrics 
are excited to see how the one day we offer
does not exactly change someone's life,
but certainly it seems to add a new dimension for many people 

Workshops early 2013

Learn to
paint & distress,
wax and age,
crackle and craquelure
& gild.....
make an old piece of furniture
found unloved,
looking seriously
destined for the rubbish tip,
into, at the most, a work of art
& treasured heirloom
at the very least
very much more beautiful than it did.
At the same time, enjoying
the tranquillity
of our
Riverside Studio
in the beautiful,
country town of Arundel,
you will be learning in a small friendly class
and enjoying a tasty, vegetarian lunch
with a glass of wine.

I know, I know, LOL, they really are as fun as they sound

We have met some lovely people and had
some great workshops over the past few months.

Here is what some of them have to say.....

"What a wonderful, inspirational day,
I loved every minute of it"

"What an incredible experience
 doing decoupage with Brenda."

Ha ha this person added

"her ideas and her talent are endless,
her charm is delightful,
now add her scrumptious lunch
and you won't want to leave"

Thank you Sandy,
I only just noticed all those 
wonderful things you said, 
and now my head is 
so large I cannot get
 out of my house through the door.
I would also like to officially
 sign you up as my agent.
Ha Ha

" I never thought I could 
do anything remotely usable"
said Chrissie,
who turned this

and this

into this...she had NEVER done anything like this before.

We use all sorts of products
and introduce people to 

painting, distressing and waxing,
crackle glaze,
 and aging pieces in all different ways.

Dates for workshops

A day costs £95, but if you would like to do the whole weekend,with a friend or two,
we will do both days for £150 per person.

Dates for workshops 2013

Preparing, Paint, distress, 
crackle glaze and wax a small item of furniture

Course code 1
Saturday 16th March
Monday 25th March
Thursday 4th April
Tuesday 16th April

Introduction to decoupage

Paint , distress and 
then decoupage and finish
 a small item of furniture

Course code 2

Sunday 17th March
Tuesday 26th March
Friday 5th April
Thursday 18th April

Introduction to Craquelure,
 varnish, wax and 
finish a small item of furniture

Course code 3

Wednesday 20th March
Saturday 13th April
Friday 26th April

Introduction to gilding with decoupage
on a small item of furniture

Course Code 4

Friday 22nd March
Sunday 14th April
Saturday 27th April 

So saying, 
if absolutely
 none of these
dates are any good to you
and you would like
 to come on one 
of our workshops
 please email me
 a few dates that 
are convenient
to you
and lets see if we 
can coordinate something

If you would like to join us
just print off the booking form
(link below)

and send a deposit cheque with the completed form.
All the details are on the form.

or email me

Have a great day

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