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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Il Lusso Spring Collection and Vintage and Antique warehouses

Good Morning

Rainy, wet and miserable.

An elderly nun I once knew used to called weather like this
" A gentle, soft rain"

I guess that's the cup half empty bit hey?

So, lets start again
Good Morning 
from Arundel Eccentrics
on this gentle soft morning ha ha

This will be us today, down at the warehouse.

Come and say hello if you are in town.

Il Lusso  in Tarrant Street

I popped in to say "hello"  to Layla in Il Lusso in Tarrant Street yesterday,
she is opening with all her gorgeous Spring and Summer collection today.

Go and have a look if you are around
they are 4 Tarrant Street

have a great weekend

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