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Friday, 15 March 2013

Mangan Antiques, The Old Brewery Antiques Warehouses Networking and Creative writing groups in Arundel

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

How's your week gone?
They seem to fly by don't they?

I've been enjoying a
creative writing workshop
  here in Arundel.

Maybe one day I will unleash 
my stories on an unsuspecting world.
Probably not,  ha ha ,you're quite safe.

Too busy decoupaging fish and shells on chests of drawers.

The workshop is a lovely small and friendly group.
Great fun,  it's very helpful and inspiring.
Run by an ex- journalist.
Do you ever become an ex- journalist I wonder?
Or is it one of those things in your blood that never leaves you?

Anyway, we have a couple of glasses of wine in the break.
The last part of the evening passes in a flash
and we usually go out the door chuckling over something.

If you are local and  have a burning desire to write
 email me and if a space comes up Ill let you know.


There is a fairly new networking group that meets once a month.
Up in the old jail house in Arundel High Street
That's an experience in itself.
Its a great space.

Here's what Jailhouse says about themselves.
You can hire it...for parties, weddings, etc etc

Come and experience one of the South East's most unique live entertainment venues. Located at the end of a hidden passage away from the hustle and bustle of the High Street the Jailhouse is Arundel's best kept secret. Passing through the iron cell gate and into the lobby guests get a feel for what it would be like to enter a real Georgian/Victorian prison.

Anyway ....networking group.....
useful, friendly doesn't go on for hours about rhubarb....
If you are promoting your local business or want to find out 
what's happening in the town, its well worth going.
next meeting

Tuesday 9th April 6.15

Mangan Antiques

   We have friends...yes we do, really....Julie and Rudi, at Mangan Antiques,who have a lovely warehouse full of interesting vintage and antiques decorative pieces.
They are in small village called Runcton near Chichester.
One of their specialities is chandeliers,  and they also hire out vintage crockery etc.
By the way, they will also rewire and repair your own chandelier.

They are a great source either for something lovely
 for your own home, or trade buyers, 
and no I'm not getting a commission. LOL

Our warehouse in Arundel

Did I tell you we have a new neighbour down at our antiques warehouse?
So now there are three large warehouses sitting 
behind the Co-op in Arundel.
just waiting for you to discover.

They are the only remaining parts of the 19th century Swallow Brewery.

Who knows.
Come and see for yourself

On foot.
Come down the alley next to William Hill.
Turn left and left again.

The first warehouse on your left is 

They have done up Arthur Crofts old place ,a  real treat.
Gutted it and opened it right up.

You'll find loads of vintage garden pieces amongst other things.
Ill leave it to you to come and look for yourselves.

Then just along from French Loft on the left
 you will see two more sets of doors.

here is one of them

step through there and prepare to be amazed.

We are three antiques and vintage businesses.


(decorative antiques and courier)
Nass will collect and deliver antiques in the south.
He will  also take trade clients around to buy
to all those little known places


See what I mean?
Open every Saturday 11-4

other times at the moment, by chance, or by appointment.

Have a great day

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