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Monday, 11 March 2013

Mothers Day and Papperdelles, Arundel in the Snow,Paint workshops & Arundel Networking Group.

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

If you are a Mum
How was your Mothers Day?
Happy, I hope.

Our lovely Jay is in California these days.
He's a menswear designer.

Lives in Laguna CA
Poor him, its a tough life, but someone has to do it. Ha Ha

Well, even all those miles away he didn't forget it was Mothers Day here in the UK
and contacted one of our favourite Arundel Restaurants,
Pappardelles in Arundel High Street
  and paid for a meal for us.

One of the reasons why its one of our favourite places..............

My husband Nass, is, 
although he would argue 
to the contrary,
 a true romantic.

Not that we always celebrate Valentines, 
but some years we do.

On one occasion, our favourite restaurant, 
Papperdelle's, in Arundel High Street
 was completely booked solid. 

The restaurant is now owned by Clive, 
Bruno's son, and has spread 
beautifully to the lovely 
Osteria downstairs.

In those days, it was just the upstairs.
Which is still going strong, I might add
and where we will have my belated
Mothers Day treat later in the week..... 

 It's beautiful,very Italian, 
fairly small,
 gorgeously intimate,
and it booked up on Valentines, very quickly.

On this special evening,
Nass had a quiet word with Bruno, 
who was a friend of his.

They lugged a small table down the stairs
and parked it next to the bench right in the middle
of Arundel High Street. 

There we sat, complete with 
candles, wine, and waitress.

I felt a little self conscious to start,
but a couple of glasses of Italian wine
quickly saw off those inhibitions. Ha Ha 

We were  well wrapped up 
against the cold, of course.

It was
a memorable evening and 
I'm not saying they would do it again,
but it shows the lengths some people will 
go to in order to please a customer hey?

Thanks Jay...

Jay and his lovely missus

and Jay and Nass
apart from one being a Spurs and one
 being an Arsenal supporter, they are great mates.

We will be using the voucher later in the week as for last night we'd already 
arranged dinner with our neighbours, also great friends.

It is actually the perfect arrangement.

They cooked and brought it through the
 back gate and we all ate in our kitchen,
as our table is bigger.

Arundel in the Snow

We woke to snow here in Arundel this morning.
Its still snowing now.

Arundel is a beautiful place anyway,
but looks magical in the snow.

This isn't actually today...its called "artistic licence" LOL
our little house on the hill....ha ha


I ran a few workshops last week.
What delightful people come along to these days.

We worked and chatted about everything under the sun as we painted and distressed the day away.

If its something that interests you,
here is a link to find out more.

Arundel Networking

For anyone in business in Arundel  
I see there is an Arundel Networking Group
Below is the link to their Facebook page.
There is a meeting in Arundel Jailhouse, at the top of Arundel High Street tomorrow night.
You won't be detained ha ha...its not still used as a jail house.

I thought I would go along tomorrow to check it out

Have a great day

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