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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics Vintage

Grey day out there.
Not that I have much
 time to worry what the 
weather is doing
this week.

We are preparing for Ardingly Antiques fair next week.

As well as our other decorative antiques
we have items 
that I have
worked on.

They are all vintage to begin with,
but unloved looking, 
some beyond selling in their original state. 

I paint and decorate them with decoupage.
It's a time consuming process and I shouldn't be sitting here chatting to you really.
My lovely Nass has even suggested we work a night shift on Saturday night,
and yes, he does mean painting and decoupage work.
And believe me, he really is serious.

It's because I worked 7 years full time nights at a home for
"Adolescents with Challenging Behaviour"
while we were still building up the business.

You'll see something about it on past blog entries.
Wild, turbulent, scary, frustrating, irritating, but incredibly rewarding at times.

He thinks I can just pick up the night duty again. Ha Ha

Anyway, I am hoping I shall get everything finished  without the night duty.
We live in hope LOL. But its a distinct possibility.
I'll keep you posted.
 vintage flower could use as an umbrella stand.....

antique tray....with a new persona
Its still to be aged and finished.

Oh dear I think night duties are the only way to go........

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Ever been to Ardingly Antiques Fair?
 You possibly have but....
If you haven't,
 do try and get along next week.
Tuesday and Wednesday.

I would always advise someone to go on the first day, if they can.

It's called "Dealers day",
but you don't have to be a dealer to gain entry.
You just need £20.
Its cheaper second day, (but the £20 you pay on the first will give you a ticket for both days.)

I love the first day.
It's buzzy.
Everyone is full of anticipation.
Buyers and sellers alike.

see...full of anticipation

 I'm not so keen on the stuffed animals.......

"pssst we are at shopping arcade number 68...come and say hello"

If you want to find out more here is the site to go to

Have a great day.