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Friday, 26 April 2013

Arundel Bits and Pieces and Ardingly Antiques Fair

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

We've had a few days of sun.
In fact we had the hottest day
 of the year on Tuesday.

Today its back to gloom and rain.

Oh well thats how our land became so
 green and pleasant I suppose.

Enough of the weather.
Hows your week gone?

Saturday here in Arundel was Farmers Market day.
It was sunny.
The town was heaving with people
enjoying the sunshine and the market.

I had a gentle wander through town.
This is the lovely little
and yes, I really do mean little,
flower shop in Tarrant Street.

fantastic bags and accessories
 shop in Tarrant Street
run by the Lovely Linda.

I painted this pink cupboard for her.

There is live music at 
The Eagle Pub in Tarrant Street
most weeks

These swans nest in exactly the same spot every year.
I so wish they wouldn't.
It's heartbreaking to watch.

They spend hours and hours building their nest up high
as the river constantly floods it when the tide comes in.

Year after year we watch them.
Last year the babies were apparently washed away.
So sad..... Yeah I know I'm a wimp, but I have to cross the road when the tides high
so I don't have to see  what's happening to them.

There are always a few interesting , occasionally dubious looking characters about.
I think these two are the former rather than the latter.
I suspect they are part of a morris dancing troupe.


bells round the legs
......a  give away. LOL

Some people just lay down and enjoyed the unusual feeling of having the sun on their face. LOL

If you ever go to the farmers market this baker sells the most fantastic "chewy brown" bread

Ardingly Antiques fair

After the manic few weeks of preparing......
 of painting and decoupaging on bamboo and chests,
buckets and trays,
boxes and metal baths.
The day arrived.

By the time 4am on Tuesday was here
 and I had to wake from a cold ridden slumber
haul myself onto the van and 
head for Ardingly Antiques fair
I felt absolutely exhausted.

Mind you, everyone looks shattered when you arrive.
Many have driven from the continent to sell.
Most are in a friendly mood though.

The sun came out 
 and the weather just got hotter and hotter.

These chandeliers are beautiful
from our chums at Mangan antiques over near Chichester

They may be hidden away like some secret in Runcton near Chichester
but you would be in good company if you seek them out.

shhhhhhh you didn't hear it from me but even celebs like Jamie Oliver have been there.

mangan antiques

Next Ardingly is in June.
Maybe we might see you there?

Creative Writing

Sadly our writing workshops are coming to an end.
I've loved it.
Think we all have.
I shall miss everyone I'm sure.

It's a small group led by our mentor
an ex Sunday Times journalist.
Knowledgeable and patient .

(Honest too. LOL)
We now meet up in the
Institute in Tarrant Street.
One of the group reckons its haunted.

She maintains she passes a man on the stairs when she visits the ladies.
I suspect she is just adding to the atmosphere.
Although I do tend to leg it up and down those stairs smartly.....
just in case

Lets hope our ever patient leader has enough
 endurance to suggest we do
another ten weeks in the autumn. Ha Ha

join me in a meander around Arundel

Have a great day

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