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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Antiques and Ipads (and a rather gorgeous Betty Jackson bargain)

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

brrrrrrr cold here .
Winter appears to have suddenly crept in on us.

Trying to get the end of year financial books done and
 had to go and see my accountant down near Emsworth yesterday.

I went into Emsworth itself to get a few bits of shopping
 and came away pleased with myself as I found a
 cute little Betty Jackson, cropped jacket in a charity/ thrift shop.

The price on it was £9..
 and as if that were not enough
it was reduced to


I love my Ipad
don't you?

Kind friends

Last summer we had a dear friend, 
I have known for 
more years than I care to remember,
 stay with us for a few days.

We chatted about this 'n that.
 We went out shopping and and window shopping
 looking at super duper laptops and ipads, 
the latter of which I said I would love, but
 just couldn't afford to lash out on at the moment.

As this dear mate,
hopped on the train,
 at Arundel Railway station,
on the way back to London,
she handed me an envelope,
 with a thank you card it.

As the train doors were closing, 
she yelled out,
" It's for you!
not for new tyres for the car,
not for a new washing machine,
Its for you..."

The doors closed and she was
 still mouthing something,
that I never quite caught.

When I climbed back into the car,
I couldn't wait any longer,
the intrigue was unbearable.

 I opened the card,
 and there inside, was the 
cash to buy myself an ipad.

I'm telling you ....the tears welled up in my eyes.


they can 
comfort you
 hurt you,
upset you,
amaze you,
touch you,

and a million other things besides......

That's what makes them so precious hey?

Otherwise, how did Facebook become such a phenomenon

 My friend later asked me
" Has it changed your life?"

It hasn't quite...but its added a huge new dimension to it.

And I love it almost as much, 
as I love all my dear friends... LOL

Nah, only joking.

You can't drink red wine with an ipad.......

Or scream with laughter,
until the tears stream down your face
and you roll around, hysterically, on the floor.

BUT...... It's the most useful piece of equipment
 I think I've ever had.

Our lovely cat  Chloe (or Bella as she is known,)
is now 20 years old.

she's blind, but still very happy and chipper.
Only thing is 
she wails when she
 doesn't know where we are.
Sometimes it drives  me mad
 when I'm  trying to concentrate on something.

She's ok when she is occupied

When she isn't and she wailing
I put BBC Iplayer on the ipad and play her a film.
 No No she doesn't watch it silly...she's blind.
But it certainly keeps her quiet.

A million uses..... the Ipad

Here's a little brochure from my fantastic Ipad.

Have a great day
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