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Friday, 1 November 2013

Damp Arundel & Our Antique Collection

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

 It's a damp grey day here in Arundel.

Even the ducks look depressed

Antique Collection

Here's a small taste of our latest collection of decorative antique pieces.
I WILL at last be updating the website and apologise 
to any of our regulars who have been looking.

I haven't had time to update it for a while.
Hopefully this will be rectified very soon.

Victorian Bamboo Chest
 Victorian pine chest painted in tartan

 Pair of tables with the tops painted faux slate

Victorian chest decoupaged with 19th century botanical images

 Victorian chest decoupaged  with 19th century shell images

Victorian chest decoupaged with 19th century fish images

Victorian Chair

19th century cupboard painted in grey

19th century chaise

19th century server

lamps made from vintage skittles

Victorian bamboo tables

Sunburst mirror

wooden signs

bamboo bookcase and chest of drawers

pine 19th century bookcase

19th century settle from an old Norfolk Pub

We have some interesting pieces in the pipeline.

For any further details you can email us

Or check out our website over the next few days

Have  a great day
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