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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Antiques in Rye and Wetting the Baby's Head

Good Morning 
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

Oh! at last the suns shining. 

I know I harp on about the weather
but it changes everything doesn't it?


Customers...or lack of.

Who wants to wander around when its hammering down?

Yesterday was
a blustery day.

The Sun showed itself from 
behind  fast moving heavy looking clouds.  

But only occasionally. 

It gives you a false sense of security. 
When you think it's safe, 
out goes the washing, 
  or you go for a walk.

Just when you think you are safe......

Everything is drenched again. 

We have stayed relatively lucky here in Arundel.

There are people in other parts of the country that have 
been flooded out of their homes for weeks on end.
Our thoughts are with you guys.

The warehouse / showroom was open yesterday.
People were wandering around Arundel 
taking advantage of the brief let up in the weather.

Some like to explore a little further
 than the main streets
 and are
 delighted when they come upon us all.

Three large warehouse / showrooms
 hidden away behind Arundel co op
like a little antique and interiors secret.

Each warehouse stuffed full of interesting
 and diverse decorative antiques.

Want to discover us? 

Walk down the little alley ( or twitten as we say down south) next to William Hill.
Turn left at the end and sharp left again.

It doesn't look that smart from the outside.
You need to look inside each of them.
Trust me.
You will be amazed.

one of our open evenings..

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French Loft Antiques

Nass went to Tetbury in Gloucestershire yesterday.
He was doing a delivery for a trade customer.
Out of the house at crack of dawn.

I would have loved to go and explore.
Have you ever been?

If not, and you want to look at antiques
Particularly decorative antiques. 
Tetbury is a wonderful place to go.
Entire streets with the most beautiful antique shops and centres.

Another lovely place to wander around antique and vintage places is Rye over in East Sussex.

Here is a little taste of how gorgeous it is.

Wetting the Baby's head

I wonder if  they have a similar phrase in other countries?

It entails getting together with friends to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.
Although we are a few thousand miles apart we had a small celebration
of the arrival of our beautiful granddaughter.

We got together with our neighbours who are great friends.

Actually, now I think of it......
they brought the champagne....
the lovely Hilde cooked the dinner in her kitchen.....

All I did was to waitress it from her kitchen into ours...

Great planning hey?
We had a lovely evening.

We lit the little candle Jay and Krista
 had sent from their baby shower,
and raised our glasses to Everly Harper Borley.

Have a great day

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