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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Hoarde our Granddaughter and other things

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

It's been a hectic month.
Hence, no blogging for a while.

Our beautiful granddaughter
is one month old.

My son and his gorgeous wife live in California.
Thats a long, long, way from us in Sussex and sadly,
 we are unable to travel over to see them at the moment.

Thank goodness for email and skype hey?

The Hoarde.

We have recently gone on The Hoarde.
If you love decorative antiques and have never dipped into The Hoarde,
do have a look.

Its a great collection of antiques and vintage dealers.
Many, are like us, working  a little off the beaten track.

This is what we put on the Hoarde blog on our first day

Arundel Eccentrics Arrival on The Hoarde 
Added 07/03/2014 13:39:18 by ARUNDEL ECCENTRICS

This is our first day on The Hoarde 
and we are extremely happy to be amongst such good company.

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors
Decorative Antiques
 operate from a large warehouse/ showroom down a side street in Arundel. 

Throughout the 19th century the warehouse was part of the Swallow Brewery. 
The Swallow sign now hangs from high on the hill at Arundel Town Hall
and all that remains of the thriving and large 
brewery are our warehouses. 

Down a little alley, or twitten as we say down south,
near to the Arundel town bridge,
turning left at the end,
you may be forgiven for thinking you were on a
wild goose chase.
(Or wild antiques chase)

Persevere....we may not be in the most salubrious area
secreted away behind Arundel`s Co-Op,
but you will, if you like decorative antique pieces, be amazed.

In fact, you will find three large warehouse/ showrooms.
Three different companies.
So, its well worth checking us all out.

We are about 3 minutes walk from Arundel High Street.
Five...... if you`re slow.
Mind you, one, if you`re quick Ha Ha

If you are coming to see us by car, come down Queens Lane and bear right.

Nass and I live in Arundel, also.
At the other end of the same road, we have a small Victorian house 
with a 100 foot garden down to the River Arun.

On the  banks of the river is our studio, 
where we restore all our Victorian Bamboo and chests of drawers
and where we also run workshops.
Painting furniture, gilding, decoupage, craquelure.

Details of these can be found on our own blog

Latest Collection

Nass, russell and I had great fun last week.
Two days of taking photos for the  website and also The Hoarde.

It wasn't ALL hard work LOL

and heres a link to the collection with sizes and prices

 when I've finished painting and decorating buckets
 I'll have time to update the website

Creative Writing

Our creative writing group in Arundel 
continues to be great fun and really useful.
We now meet monthly.
Its thirsty work of course and many of
us have to retire to
 The Kings Arms Pub
 in Tarrant Street afterwards
for sustenance.

It looks as if Spring might be on its way at last and
we have at least had a few days of sunshine here in Arundel.

Mill Road near The Black Rabbit


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