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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Arundel Walks, Mothers Day Gift, Wedding Nostalgia and Antique Decorative Furniture

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics

Saturday 12th April.

The months are flying.
I might think of writing the Christmas newsletter soon.
No, no, you may laugh, but it takes me ages anyway.
The rate the years going may as well make a start.

It's hard keeping up with everything isn't it?

I bought a book some while ago.
" How to Organise Your Life"

If I could only get around 
to reading the second half of it,
I'd be made.

Lists's the crossing off as you do things.
Oh joy! The feeling of satisfaction.

Anyway, what of this week.

We've had some great weather. 
Arundel at last seems to have realised Spring is on it's way.

I went for the most lovely walk along the riverbank the other day.
Down Mill Road to The Black Rabbit and back along the river bank.

It's like a film set in Arundel isn't it?

Nesting going on all along Mill road.
The mill stream buzzing with life.

Water voles .....

 Swanbourne lake......

 Down as far as The Black Rabbit.
I see they've done some renovations and re decoration.
It's looking very welcoming inside.
This was early morning, so all quiet before the lunchtime rush.

 The Black Rabbit was, in the 19th century, a row of cottages

 Arundel Castle

Home Sweet Home LOL

............and back into town

It's such a beautiful walk.

Mothers Day

I had the most gorgeous gift from my son, Jay and his wife, Krista.
It arrived this week.
Held up in customs.
Worth the wait though.

It's a photograph of him and I taken on their wedding day.
It has been printed on to wood.
Marvellous idea.

The makers then plant a tree for every one sold.

I was thrilled with it.

Their baby is looking more beautiful with each passing day.

We would so love to go and see them.
I just need to sell a few more bamboo tables and chests of drawers to buy a flight.

By the way talking of their wedding day....
It was a day to remember for ever......

Jay & Krista's Wedding.

I must get the link to the photographers website.
Even their engagement photos were stunning.

The Wedding Day

  look like mafioso don't they?

The wedding was at Rosemont Manor in Virginia.
If you are in that area looking for a wedding venue...I'd say look no further.
Its stunning.

Jay was at Slindon College in Sussex with his best man John. 

my gorgeous husband

and my gorgeous son

Jay is a menswear designer and designed all his wedding gear

Us giving a speech

Mother and son dance

Father in law dances with the bride

I've watched this over and over...still makes me cry

Chests of Drawers

 Talking of chests of drawers

Remember these?

Well, here they are nearly finished.
Decorated with decoupage and varnished

Quite a transformation hey?

Just need aging wax and tidy up the inside of the drawers.

Warehouse open today

The warehouse is open today 10-4 pm
Or there abouts.
We have some great items coming in today.
The most fabulous 1930's antique shop sign for one.

No pictures as yet.

My aunt works on these for us...chinoiserie expert she is

Have a great day