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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Lacquer Chest in Kensington, Rock and Roll at Arundel Football Club & a baby picture to make you smile.

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics 

The Lacquer Chest

A short while ago we had a hospital appointment in 
a part of London that's difficult to get to. 

Takes us hours from Arundel.

On arrival we were told the appointment had been cancelled.
" Someone should have phoned you to cancel"
" Someone phoned  yesterday and left a message...checking we were coming"

The hospital department had recently
 moved to a large new building.
Apparently they didn't have enough staff to man it.

I'm not saying a word........

To say the least we were a tad fed up.

We returned to our car and started the long drive home.

Suddenly Nass said,
" We need cheering up. Ever been to The Lacquer Chest?"

No, I hadn't. He had talked of it often and
 knew the husband and wife owners well. 
In fact so well they had, over the years, become friends.
He regularly played tennis with Viv, the husband.
Sadly, Viv passed away a few months ago.

As we drove to Kensington, 
Nass was as excited as me.
 He wanted to introduce me to this lovely shop.

It made our day.
Reminded me of The Old Curiosity Shop.

It's actually two shops.
They sell.....obviously, but they also hire out.

That's the fascinating part.
Pieces get hired for films, TV, photo shoots and books.
(You will often find a credit in the lovely Jamie's cookbooks)

There are rooms full of French pots.....

 French Garden Chairs
 watering cans and cutlery

everything all beautifully displayed....

Hats are displayed on the higgedy piggedy staircase.

French china, English china

Beautiful old samplers

 Did you ever see the film
The Holiday
with Kate Winslett?
When she manically ran from room to room
on discovering the amazing
house she had gone to in LA?

Well, that was me.....

Nass just stood chatting to Gretchen, the owner, and smiling.
He knew it would make my day.

Even their website is gorgeous.
Here's the description by them

Established in 1951. 
An enchanting London antique shop with
 a unique collection of props for hire
 by stylists in film, television and photography.

The Lacquer Chest
75 Kensington Church Street
London W8 4BG UK
Shop tel: 44 (0)20 7937 1306
Shop fax: 44 (0)20 7376 0223
Prop hire tel: 44 (0)20 7938 2070

We treated ourselves to a 
large bunch of flowers from the seller
on the corner of Church Street
 and Kensington High Street.

Went home not at all disgruntled after that.

Our collection

Nass found this fantastic coffee table.
I'm thinking it must be 1960's.

It's huge and quite spectacular.
18" high
56" circumference

Wouldn't fit in our little house.

Beautiful 9th century papier mache table....
Wish I could paint like that.

Flea Market

We are in the process of organising a flea market for the bank holiday August weekend.
It will be in the Arundel festival.

If you sell vintage /antiques maybe you might like a space.
Its all in early stages yet.
Email though if you are interested

Looking for ways of getting people around that corner.
They are always so delighted when they do find us.

Vintage.... The Band

We are also organising a dance at Arundel  football club.
Thankfully all this water has gone.

It's to raise money for a new wheelchair for a local friend with MS

We were introduced to these guys at a concert in a village hall in Coolham.

Then we saw them again in Ashington

So now we are booking them to come to Arundel.

Looking likely it will be in July.
Just waiting for confirmation.

Dust off your dancing shoes and
watch this space.

It will be £15 to include light supper.


We are watching our lovely grand daughter Everly grow, by skype.
Now just over a month old she is gorgeous.
We are itching to see her, but alas its a long way to California.

Now,  Nass's niece
  had a baby a few days ago.

If you are having a rubbish day.
Let me lighten it for you.
Just look at this picture I guarantee
 it will make you smile.

He is only a few days old, bless him.

Have a great day

maybe give us a like if you are ever there
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