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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Arundel Birthday Walks, Latest Antiques & Village Weddings

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics.

and Happy Birthday to me LOL

I was out early.
Want to pack it in today.
Walked with my camera over my shoulder.

This is the cat from next door.
A cat called " Mouse"
he is quite daft.
Suns himself in the middle of the road.
Gives a supercilious look when cars beep their horn.
Then slowly heaves himself off the tarmac and lies under a car by the side of the road.
If he had fingers he would most certainly wave...if you catch my drift.
 " Good Morning Mouse."
 Mist over the River Arun

 As I walked up Parsons Hill
There was a "tick, tick, tick " noise coming from behind.
A woman was walking with two ski sticks..and I know its meant to be great for you, 
but its a wretched irritating noise behind you....Ha ha ...I let her overtake

......and took in the scenery

 There were quite a few walkers out and I could see a friend of mine in the distance.

  I caught up with them and my lovely chum Stella carried on walking with me.

Stella used to live in Arundel many moons ago, but has lived in the US for many years.
She returns each summer to have her shot of Arundel.

As we came down towards Swanbourne Lake the app on my phone did its " Ta Dah"
Telling me Id done the 10,000 steps. 5 miles.
It was 6.4 miles by time I reached home.
Enough to have a glass or two of birthday wine and not feel guilty, maybe?

New Pieces

Here are some of the antique pieces in our latest collection.

Details to follow on all these pieces.
I'm trying to get updated on 
The Hoarde
and our own website but Oh the time just seems to go.
We just pulled one load of furniture out
 of the studio and house and Nass and Russ
have replaced it with even more to work on.
I will have to work the night shift very soon I fear.

So, if you are interested to see before
 and after pictures on what we 
do with paint and decoupage, 
Ill photograph as we go along.

We have Victorian bamboo tables "coming out of our ears".
Where DOES that saying come from?


I went to the most lovely wedding just recently.
My neighbours were married in the tiny village of South Stoke near Arundel.

My chum Allie and I worked on the flowers the night before.
Well, actually, thats NOT strictly true.

Allie worked on the flowers and I tested the wedding wine and watched.
I did occasionally offer a bit of help though. LOL

The most gorgeous setting

It's a 15th century church.
If you are in the US, hard to get your head around that one hey?
Beautiful Church.
No electricity so late services are candle lit.

Jay, my son, and I went to a few Christmas Eve services here.
They make you cry, they are so lovely.

The Lovely Lisa...gorgeous bride


This wonderful ice cream comes from a place in Brighton.

Have a Great Day

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