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Monday, 8 September 2014

The Arundel Festival, Ardingly Antiques Fair,Our Collection,Slimming World and The Big 50th Surprise Party

Arundel Eccentrics Antiques.

It's been a while.
Life's been busy.

Where to start? 

The Arundel Festival maybe?

The end of August always means
 the festival in Arundel.
The organisers spend the entire
 year pulling it together.

It seems to pay off.

Tarrant Street is always heaving.

as is The Jubilee Gardens

The crowds fill the town.

This year was no exception.

One of our favourite events has to be
Screamin Lez and the Mindbenders
who pack them in at Jubilee Gardens
every year.

The local band have a huge following.
Of all ages.

The lovely Screamin is a mate of ours.
He doesnt scream all the time LOL

the gorgeous Harry has all the teenage girls screamin' though......

Another great perfomance
Thanks guys.
We look forward to seeing you next year.

Round at our Antiques warehouse 
we had friends who played music.

more friends who set up a tea and cakes stall.

There were several artists exhibiting around 
at the antiques warehouses.

We have four decorative antiques business
in what was a 19th century brewery warehouse.

French Loft
Harmony Antiques
Nass Interiors and
Arundel Eccentrics

We had artists exhibiting in all three warehouses.

Instead of photographs in frames,
I put my pictures together
 into small notebooks this year.

Thought it made good items that people could use every day.

Here are a few more pictures from this years festival.

The 10k in Arundel Park.

Jubilee Gardens

There were many cultural events.

The War Horse
author gave a talk
to a sell out audience.

Hee Hee and look at the table
Oh!Yes its one of ours.
With horses on.

The Lovely Bella

We lost our 21 year old Bella last week.
So sad.
We get so attached to our pets hey?

She just went upstairs,
 lay down and went in 5 minutes.

checking her emails
We adored her.

Our neighbours came in for 
a glass in the evening
to help lift our spirits.

We all sat at the table
raised our glasses.
" To Bella"

" Miaow"
came from somewhere.

" Please, tell me you heard that?"
Yes they said they had.
No idea how to explain it....not even going to try.

Home and Gardens Magazine

We got a mention last month.
Always great to see our name in print in the national glossies.

Ardingly Antiques Fair

Last week was Ardingly.
It was a lovely warm day.
We bought well.

We found a good amount of
Victorian Bamboo
chests of drawers 
and galvanised metal containers.

and after we have worked on them
this is how they wind up.

Many of our pieces go to the US 
via the antiques trade.
Our bamboo particularly is very
 popular over there
mostly in ocean side towns.

Although they have
 also been spotted in 
NYC shops.

We decoupage all different designs on our
 19th century chests and use only 19th century images.

We have other decorative antiques also.
Here's a look our warehouse.

Slimming World

Yes, I am officially overweight.

Slimming World came to Arundel
a couple of months ago and I 
had wanted to start for a while.
It seems to work for me and I even felt
fired up after the first meeting.

I decided to walk every day.
Arundel is a wonderful place for walking,
as you can imagine.
Beautiful scenery.

I set the app and off I go.
Have walked a minimum of
 5 miles every day since.

A beautiful town.
We are so lucky to live in Arundel.

Oh! and by the way...I lost a stone (14lbs)
in 5 weeks.

Still have a way to go but
I now feel like myself again
without those huge puffy cheeks.

( Amongst other things LOL) 

if you are local and interested
Slimming World meets in Arundel
on Saturday morning 10 am
in the Scout Hut
The Arundel Surgery.

The 50th Surprise Party

After months of planning the day arrived.
Nass's 50 th birthday.

My lovely husband has done
 a lot of fundraising
for others just recently
 and I thought he deserved a bit of
something himself.

 the lull before the storm

The wonderful cake was a work of art
and was made by our lovely mate
Amy Fathers.

It was heavy.
Bridget my friend was
 helping with the food prep.

She had the job of collecting it from
Amy's house.
" It needs to go in the fridge,
 the shards are sagging"

No room in our fridge.
Another friend said it could go in theirs.
Back in the car with it.
Slowly drove round Arundel
 to their house.
" oooo bigger than we thought"

So they emptied the fridge.

Half an hour later
they had an emergency and
 had to rush to hospital.

Bridge had to dash to collect the cake.
By then she was a nervous wreck as 
she was worried the entire thing
 would fall over in the boot of her car.

Ah was fine.
We got it there in one piece.
It was the 
most amazing
choccie cake I've
 ever seen/tasted. 

It's taken me months of secret planning.
Since Christmas.

It paid off.
Although on the day it
 got incredibly stressful.

Getting him there without
 the secret being blown
 had a few hiccups.

Huge thanks to all those
 friends who were in 
on the secret.

George who took him out for the day.
To Goodwood to play golf, swim, sauna.

Those who helped with food,
Julie, Allie and Bridge
and the many who brought
salads, and quiches, meringues and trifles......
thanks to those doing
 decorations,set up,
clear up,
wash up....etc etc

Never mind we did it.......
The Birthday Boy
had such a wonderful time.
Friends came from everywhere.
Nass was at Slindon Collge 
as a boy
and many old boys he
 hadn't seen for years,
 came along.

the gathering of the clans......

 my beautiful nieces

and lovely friends

Vintage the band arriving

Friends arriving with food.
These guys ran the warehouse for the day.

It got a bit difficult when Nass phoned me
 to see how the shop had gone...

and I didn't have a clue Ha ha

" Hmmm whats going on in here?"

" Seem to be a few people I know"

He was thrilled.

" Yaaay I did it!"

The old crowd Nass used to cause havoc in Arundel town with on Friday nights...oh so many years ago LOL
They are all sedate family men now.....well not too sedate.

Waiting to give the speech

For our chums who live far away
here's the waffle...LOL

ha ha

No, no he's not in tears with emotion
My turn to embarrass the old man

 The band

 now I could relax

By the way...thats my phone, not huge hips LOL

Thanks Amy, for all you've done....

and you George who did amazing things....

Ian was at school
 with Nass at Slindon College.
They spent all yesterday catching up
on the golf course at Avisford Park.

It was such a wonderful evening
Thanks to all who came.

Have a wonderful day