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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Weddings and Anniversaries, some latest antique items & our neighbours French Loft

Good Morning
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques

First things first

to our son in California and his lovely wife Krista.

Never give up on a dream

We are fiercely proud of our son.
He is a menswear designer.

Not only because of that of course. LOL

Jay studied for his degree in fashion locally at
Northbrook College  in Worthing.

They were one of the first
 colleges in Europe to run
the Menswear BA.

He came through with flying colours.
Worked in London for some years and then 
arranged through his agent, interviews in NYC.

He had always said he would work in NY
 and was determined to make it.

When he returned from the week of interviews he said,
" They said I was good, just needed more experience."

" What will you do next?"
It WAS a silly question.
He just looked at me.
" Get more experience and try again, Ma."

He never gave up.

Went to a job in Manchester
and spent the next two years building
 up his portfolio and samples.

He called me one day,
" I hope you are sitting down."
" What are you up to now?"

"I'm taking a week off and have some
 interviews in London....

.....and one in NYC with Ecko Unltd."

Needless to say, they were amazed by him.
He got half way through his portfolio
 and they had already seen enough.

So off he went to NY.

We missed him dreadfully.
I went to stay with him in his tiny apartment in Manhattan.
At the time I was completely broke and borrowed the money to get there.

Funny thing a visitor to New York,
when you have no money 
it takes all the pressure off. LOL
You cant shop 'til you drop.
You don't have the cash.

I made sandwiches each morning
 after Jay went to work.
Packed a small knapsack with my lunch
and walked 'til I dropped.
Sat in Central Park watching skaters and runners.
Spent the day in Battery Park, and Bryant Park
watching the world go by.

and photographing

Splashed out the few dollars I did have on the 
bus that you can hop on and off and go
 Uptown, Downtown and Brooklyn.

Had the time of my life.

Meanwhile back at Ecko Unltd,
Jay had met the lovely Krista,
who worked for the same company.

The they history

Jay and Krista moved to
 California a few years later.

Two years ago we 
 travelled to Virginia
to be part of 
one of the most stylish
 weddings I've ever been to.
Jay and his best man.
They went to Slindon College near Arundel together.

It wasn't just a memorable day,
it was a memorable week.
Friends came from all over the place.

Jay, of course designed his own suit....right down to the old sixpences as cufflinks

Ahhhhh...Ma and son dance

and Nass and his lovely new daughter in law

The wedding was in Virginia where
 Krista hails from and was at the glorious
Rosemont Manor in Berryville.

If you live in Virginia and are
 looking for a wedding venue...look no further...
and No I'm not getting a percentage ha ha

Rosemont Manor 

my lovely husband

and now...guess what, they have the most gorgeous baby too....

We hope to go and see our 
new grand daughter very soon.

So....never give up on a dream hey?
You never quite know where it will lead.

Happy Anniversary dear Jay and Krista.

latest pieces

Here's a few of our latest items.
We've been busily working on chests and bamboo,
the house is filled with half finished pieces.

Oh to have a tidy house

By the way we have a great neighbour
 down at our antiques warehouse.
French Loft

here's a link to their website

and a walk around their warehouse....

Have a great day

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