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Friday, 26 December 2014

Arundel at Christmas

Merry Christmas from
Arundel Eccentrics Antiques.

Where's the year gone?
It has passed in a flash.
We've  had a busy time with both business and everyday life.

Arundel is at it's most beautiful and sociable at this time of year.

Of course if its snowed you cannot fail to get some lovely images of the town.....

So far this year we haven't seen snow....but my camera is always on the alert....

Arundel by Candleight.
A few weeks ago now.
It's the huge annual pre-Christmas event that gets the town in festive mood.

We were extremely lucky with the weather.
Crisp and sunny.

Arundel's Town Crier

A service in the High Street.

It's the one day of the year where thousands of people stream into Arundel.
At moments throughout the day, you can barely move.

At this time of year houses are decorated inside and out.
The more recent tradition of erecting Christmas trees outside the houses
has spread  rapidly through town.
Lights twinkle on trees from facades of large Georgian houses down to smallest cottages.
Neighbours share cost and have trees between them.

Originally it was just the shops.
Over the past couple of years though more and more houses
have had them put up by the business that started in Arundel. 
The team now supply houses in Petworth, Brighton and many other towns in the south.
Great idea. 

Anyway, let's allow the pictures to speak for themselves.

Elf and Safety

Stage and stalls are erected.

This really is the lull before the onslaught.

I had a lovely young friend join me in taking photographs.
Thanks Beatrice Holland.
It was great spending the afternoon with you.

The town is decorated in readiness for Christmas itself, so it looks stunning anyway.

Arundel always feels like a film set to me.
There's the backdrop of castle and Cathedral looking down over the town.
There are some newer houses, mostly nineteen sixties and seventies houses and flats,
but there are also town houses and cottages that were built in the 17th,18th and 19th century.

Up in King Street,  the road leading to the cathedral, many of the cottages were constructed by Napoleonic prisoners of war. 

Whoaaaa here they come!

snow machine.....up on the left.

see what I mean? Thousands........

 Antiquities Antiques shop in Tarrant Street.

Round in our neck of the woods ...
French Loft Antiques

Arundel Eccentrics & Nass Interiors Decorative Antiques

Harmony Antiques next door

this beautiful work is that of  Fanny Peppercorn
 Artists were in the Victoria Institute down Tarrant Street

Local artist Gilly McCadden's work

Walking Stick shop in the arcade down Tarrant Street.

 Singing in Tarrant Street

 and dancing in the street............

have a wonderful 
Festive Season
and all good wishes for

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