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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bloglovin, Arundel and Decorative Antiques.

Arundel Eccentrics

I found a great blogging site today.
It has blogs talking about everything
under the sun.

There are some fantastic 
fashion ,
& travel blogs
These are just the ones I had time to wander through.
Beautiful photographs on many of them.

Anyway, once you are there,
you'll be there all day. LOL

I've linked my blog to it,
so if you like what we do
and you've got a minute to spare,

maybe you could go there and like us.

We've had a busy week working
 on 19th century bamboo.
It's what we specialise in.

The piece above is a pretty sewing box.

I love the fact these little tables have been around since about 1860.
Mostly made in London and other English towns that had ports.

We find them in their rough state.

and try to elevate them to proudly grace
front rooms and bedrooms,
bathrooms and hallways.

Let me show you how these pieces look when we find them.

not good hey?

We sturdy and clean them
reboard, paint and decorate
using 19th century images
 in the form of decoupage.

Our pieces have been seen in some proper posh magazines
Homes and Gardens "Dahling" and House and Garden,
 and "awfully" smart shops such as Liberty in London.

Not to mention The US Architectural Digest.

I know, I know, it's crazy.
One minute they are sitting in a heap somewhere, looking dejected.

The next, if they could speak, they'd be saying,
"Air Hair Lair."

Recently we were commissioned to work on a 
Victorian chest 
of drawers for 
House and Garden magazine.
It will be out in April.

It's always exciting to be asked by the magazines
to work on something specifically for them.

This shoot was to be whimsical.
Won't say more than that,
best wait until the magazine is out,
apart from we were to use wallpaper.

and show a little part of it....a mere tantalising taster.

Warehouse Showroom

I was in the warehouse today.
Sunday is my day,
Nass plays golf.

It was bitterly cold.

In case you don't know where we are,
we are hidden away behind the Co-op in Arundel.
19th century warehouses that were once part of the Swallow Brewery.

It's a wonderful old rickety building.

We don't only have 19th century bamboo.

We have a huge warehouse showroom packed full of
decorative antiques.
Have a meander round our showroom

This is work my lovely aunt does.
We find old battered tole trays.
My aunt gives them a new lease of life.
Beautiful work hey?

we have been busy on our bamboo

Vintage French bedsides that we've worked on 

and chests of drawers...Victorian


I used to do a lot of calligraphy years ago.
Now of course the art is not exactly dying,
but you can do much of it by computer.

I found a box of nibs I thought I'd long since thrown away.

It pushed me to buy some ink and a new pen to slot those nibs in.
Thought I might have a play around.

My friend Trudy who first got me into the calligraphy
wound up doing a degree and working for the heraldry people.
She does the most beautiful work.
Inspires me to pick up the pen again.

If it's something you are interested in check out this You Tube link.

I'll watch it to refresh my memory.


For our overseas readers.

If you don't know Arundel here's a bit about the town
 ourselves and what we do.

Arundel is a small country town in the South of England, 
just 49 miles from London. It boasts a
beautiful Castle and Cathedral that dominate
the skyline, a history that dates back to
Roman times, and an interesting
population of around 3,500.

I have a decorative
antique and interiors business in the town.
Based in a showroom
just off Arundel's main High Street,
together with my husband,
Nass, who runs
“Nass Interiors”
We have a large and interesting collection
of decorative antique pieces in
what was a 19th century brewery warehouse
My speciality is restoring and
decorating antique furniture in hopefully,
a stylish and original way, using paint, decoupage,
and sometimes gilt. Much of my work goes
to the States via the US antique trade and
can be found, amongst other places, in
NYC, California, Texas and Carolina as
well as some rather smart English shops
such as Liberty in London.
National and International interiors
magazines regularly feature my work, and
pieces have appeared in House and Garden,
Homes and Gardens, BBC Homes and
Antiques and the US Interiors bible,
Architectual Digest.

I have a son, Jay, who I am immensely proud
of. He lives in Laguna, CA with his lovely
wife, Krista, and beautiful baby daughter,
Jay is a mens wear
designer. My dream would be for he and I
to share a store in California, showing his
gorgeous clothes on my English antique furniture

And now you're in for a treat......
Take a short walk around our gorgeous town.

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