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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Love Lane Vintage,Ardingly Antiques Fair & Arundel

Summer's arrived in Sussex at last.

That should bode well for next weekend
 when we will be stalling at a fair in Petworth.

Love Lane Vintage organise
 antique and vintage brocantes.
We are excited to be part of this one.

I visited their last which was in a beautiful old
 Sussex barn in the middle of the countryside.

It was busy from early morning.

 the look is very Country Living Magazine......
If you like that you will just adore the fair....

You will find all details on the link.
It's in Petworth Park
Saturday 4th July
Entrance is £5

Come and say hello.

I've been working on a gilt fish chest of drawers this week for a customer.
There's a clothes shop in Bond Street Brighton that has one of our gilt and fish chests in the window. They bought it several years ago and its used as a prop for their lovely clothes. Sometimes people manage to track us down after falling in love with it and commission us to do one for them It's a huge amount of work, but its worth it as the finished piece can look stunning. The first one I worked on I had on my stand in an antique centre in Arundel. now La Campanula Restaurant. A mother and her grown up daughter came in and in very Sloane accents here's the conversation I stood listening to:
" Oh look Mummy do look, I love this chest it's gorgeous."
"Dahling," says Mummy in haughty tones,
"I think its absolutely ghastly."
Ha ha but never's the work that goes into that absolutely ghastly piece.

If you want to see how we went from this

to this

go to our FB page


Arundel looks stunning at this time of year
I'm still walking, not every day but as ofte as possible.
Here's a little trip around Arundel Park and down to Swanbourne Lake.

So don your walking shoes and come along......
up through town and into Arundel Park

This is the end of Swanbourne lake

just beautiful.

It was Ardingly this week

We had a great day at Ardingly antiques fair on Tuesday.
We bought well.

So well, we had to return to collect more pieces
 on Wednesday as the van was stuffed full.
Weather was so gorgeous it wasn't exactly a chore.

Here's a few of  the pieces we have at present...... 

to find all our latest items go to the Hoarde.

The Hoarde

Have  a great day
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